Hey everyone,Its me again,i need alittle help with recovering from overtraing im praying for overreaching!This is the first time in 3yrs that i had a break.I've been working out either doing cardio or lifting or both everyday,yes 7 days aweek.Now im going though what feels like withdrawl i know i need to recover because my body started to shut down.Now im starting to feel better and want to workout but i need atleast 1-2weeks of nothing.All i've been doing is streching alot and resting some(trying too)im not even hungry anymore which is bad.I still got alot of aches and pains and fatigue at times but kinda got use to it over last coulple of months is this normal wanting to workout already??

  2. What did anybody else who ever overtrained do not to be a lush and not hurt recovery?Like diet wise ect..all im doing now is streching first thing in morning and couple times during day,suana for 30min.I got to the point that i was shutting down during day if i had a job that was heavy or lite labor i'd be scewed(that bad)!

  3. taking any supps? any illnesses recently? have you talked to a Dr? how old are you?

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  4. In my current diet I workout just like you and once I started eating lemons and for before and after workouts mixing pepto pro and super plasma protein I feel like I'm on steroids regarding recovery.

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    taking any supps? any illnesses recently? have you talked to a Dr? how old are you?

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    Im not taking any supps at all during my recovery weeks.No illness just low t-level,thyroid problem on meds for both ,i believe was do to diet and training.Now i cut all carbs mybe 30g a day and upped my fat intake eating about 2100cal a day and losing fat doing nothing.Just started doing some morning cardio at 55-65bpm up to 30min only did 2x so far first was 20min.Im 33 180lb around 11.8%bf 1/25 i was 204 at 16.4% it just blew me out doing it so still losing around .8% a week and 2-3lbs(alot of water loss)



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