1. Supplementation

    Just curious bobo,

    I'm considering your ultimate/deluxe/musclebuild/fatburn/badass program, but I wondered if you would take into consideration the use of anabolics to supplement a training/nutrition plan. The only reason I ask is that I understand that certain chemicals can increase factors like metabolism and protein synthesis that would affect the nutritional/training plan you lay out for me. In no way am I asking you to condone the use of illegal substances. I'm just curious as to whether you would be willing to take those factors into consideration when you plan a routine. If you feel more comfortable answering through e-mail feel free.

    (NOSPAM)[email protected](NOSPAM)

    of course removing both (NOSPAM)'s. Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you

  2. Yes, I plan around those factors and do so now with many of my clients. If you want more inforamtion you can always PM me. I did email you back
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  3. Honestly I am not qualified to answer something like that due to her gastric bypass surgery. I have never dealt with or done much research on that subject and it would be in her best interest to find a specialist in that area. With her condition and weight, catablic activity shouldn't be a major concern.

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