I'm new here! How you guys doing? I have a couple questions.

  1. I'm new here! How you guys doing? I have a couple questions.

    Well, sup gentlemen? I'm new here and I've been training off/on for about 4 years now. I had started out at roughly 175lbs then jumped to 195lbs. I'd say within the first 6 months. Which was cool, but then I had stop gaining size&muscle for awhile. I don't know why, but in any case. I had stopped for six months b/c I began to think that it was a waste of time. This was until "spawn" came out. So I tried that, and finally I jumped to 220lbs(flat belly but not ripped). I was so happy for a while, but then I noticed my arms would not grow no matter what. I wanted to reach 240 (lean). In which, I feel that, I don't see happening b/c of my arms they're not keeping up with the rest of me. I feel like I've tried everything. It's quite depressing really. B/c it's stopping me from benching more & curling more, etc, etc. So thats why i end up stopping, & then getting back into it & stopping again. The way I've been looking at it is this, it's been 4 years and they are still the same size as they were back in high school. Which was 17". Maybe i could be measuring wrong but everything else grew dramatically. For example my chest grew from 42" to now a 49", and my waist is a 33". My shoulders grew to 21-1/2" across, but still my arms won't grow. I just look goofy!!! Plus it doesn't help I'm only 5'-11" with the wingspan of someone whose 6'-7" literally. finger tip to finger tip is 79". So I'm lanky as all hell!!! F'n Scottish! (lol) welding swords and S*^%, i blame my genetics. (lol) I don't mean to sound pride-full or conceded in any way when I say this, but my arms can get strong as f*^%. I mean it!!! My max curling set ended with 65's to 4(no swaying), but still no growth. Could you guys tell me why or what I'm missing?? Am I doing something wrong?? Or not heavy enough?? But I went heavy I'd be swaying the weight and not curling it. I'm mean from what I've been seeing, all the big guys at gym they sway and I always told myself thats not right, b/c your putting your back into it, am i wrong?? Am I missing something?? B/c I was all about form.

    These are my supplements that I use:
    •jacked No2 (used to be superpump250)
    •animal paks
    •post cycle
    •mitotropin (for leaning out)
    • any type of protein powder (all does the same IMHO. it all comes down to what you eat & how much any way)


  2. Watch some videos of Kevin Frasard especially his MAX OT stuff on youtube - form is loose on some stuff especially curls but the weight/size is impressive still. I won't offer any advice considering your massively ahead of me in size lol!

  3. Do the curl sway.... I'm only 197lbs but when and if I curl perfect I'm grabbing 55lbs with good form... But if I add some sway in there I'll grab 65-70lbs add alittle sway and my biceps feel better.. More pumped and all... Just go heavy with alittle sway...

    By the way same problem as you.... My arms don't grow... My lats are huge bigger than most 220lb people... I'm at like 12 precent fat.... I can bench 245 about 4-5 times... Legpress close to 650...4-5 times... But my arms... Only 16".... WTF ya it sucks.... Also.. Do you have this probelm... When I flex my bicep it only gets maybe 1/2" bigger.... Which sucks when someone ask you to flex...

  4. Here's the first problem:

    You post your supplement regime and not your training program. How does what supplements you take help anyone in evaluating why your arms are not growing?


  5. ^^or diet
    he's probably a curl warrior overtraining arms and not eating enough

  6. These are my supplements that I use:
    •jacked No2 (used to be superpump250)
    •animal paks
    •post cycle
    •mitotropin (for leaning out)
    • any type of protein powder (all does the same IMHO. it all comes down to what you eat & how much any way)

    As it was said previously, you need to post your training routine, and an example of your daily diet.

    I see that you list Spawn as one of your supplements. I hope/assume that you are cycling this, and not using it continuously? If you listed Spawn because you are "on" right now, do you have proper PCT lined up?

    Generally to get bigger arms, it doesn't mean that you have to focus your workouts around you arms. Doing compound exercise movements will help your entire body to grow; things like squats, deadlifts, etc.

  7. Oh, sry guys I forgot!!!
    K, this was my normal eating regimen, but I work nightshift so it kinda wierd:
    Breakfast: 9am
    •5egg whites
    •4 pcs. of honey Wheat wheat toast
    • 4-5 pcs. of turkey bacon (extra lean)
    •1 cup of oat meal
    •1 banana
    •1 cup of O.J.


    Wake Up- 6:30pm

    •2 cups of oat meal when I get into work.

    1st Break:11pm
    •1chicken breast (skinless/boneless)
    •1cup of rice (either brown/white)
    •20oz of Gatorade
    •1 apple/banana w/ 1/4cup of yogurt

    •1 chicken breast
    •1to2 Cans of tuna completely dry
    •1 cup of rice (either brown/white)
    •1/4 cup of yogurt w/ another apple and 1/4 cup of granola
    •20oz of Gatorade

    3rd Break:4am
    •1 chicken breast
    •1/2lb pasta (whole wheat)
    •Very lil tomato sauce (still tastes dry)
    •20oz Gatorade

    End of work day:
    •during the warmer months I usually finish a gallon & a 1/2 of water too.
    •during the winter months like 1/2 of a gal if that. I usually end up drinking more Gatorade during this time. idk y

    Gym- 7:30 till 9or10(depends on routine)

    As for my workout routine say I start;
    mon- shoulders/traps/legs
    tue- chest/tri's
    wed- back/bi's/forearms
    thurs- legs heavy
    fri- arms heavy.....then repeats itself starting Sat. All my workouts consists of 4 workouts per body part with 5 sets per workout increasing weight with each set.

    I usually go with this for when I stack on more weight: percent/ sets/ reps;
    55% / 1/15(warm-up)
    65% / 3/8
    75% / 4/6
    80% / 5/4
    85% / 8/1 (max out, this usually a chest/leg day)
    for a total gym time of 2-1/2hrs.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by urbanski View Post
    ^^or diet
    he's probably a curl warrior overtraining arms and not eating enough
    ^^^ hahahah I never heard of that be4 hahah, but I'm not a curl warrior anymore. I used to be!!!! be4 I knew better 4 years ago. that's all I used to do was that and traps.

  9. Ok, a couple of things I noticed.

    First, what do you do for work? Do you do heavy labor in the sun? If not, I would suggest chilling with the gatorade. 60 oz of gatorade a day is a 90 grams of sugar, and I believe now that they even use HFC in their mix. Stick to water, dilute it, or cut back. I can see gatorade in workout as a possible benefit, especially if your training sessions are 2+ hrs....

    Next, 2+ hours may be a little excessive. Find a rep range, and stick to it for a few weeks- ie:

    2-3 weeks of 10-12, 2-3 or 8-10, 2-3 of 5-8..etc.

    There is not reason to be doing singles if your goal is to gain size, and certainly you should not be maxing out every week.

    Next, your lack of arm development may be due to form.

    Did you know the biceps attach to the scapula (shoulder blades)? If your shoulders are not retracted while you are doing curls (as many peoples are NOT), then you are working mostly brachialis and not fully recruiting the biceps.
    Will your weight decrease on curls - yes. Does it matter how much you can curl - not to anyone who matters.

    Here's another idea. Rather than grouping chest and tris, and back and bis...Try grouping the opposite. Work your biceps before you perform your chest workout, and vice versa.

    1-2 exercises of 2-3 sets fresh may have a greater impact than 4 exercises of 4 sets fatigued.

    Some ideas...........


  10. I agree with Zir here. I see greatest arm growth when deload time and a time under tension attitude is planned into my training.

    Still didnt answer the spawn question.

    Also, 2.5 hours in gym is probably overtraining.

  11. K, Thanks guys this is useful information. I will definitely ease off the Gatorade. It's just I work in a warehouse. (conveyor mechanic) And during the summer months they treat nightshift as if we're animals and they turn off the air condition. So it gets hot up in there. That's why I had thought Gatorade was good, but only during meals. Istill drink up to a gal. plus of water throughout my night too.

    My only thing Is that, i am all about form, but i feel like its not working for me anymore. (LoL I know, I know) I know how that sounds.... dumb trust me I know, but the thing is I feel like I've tried every regimen under the sun.

    For example; 5x5's/12,10,8,6's/pyramids (start at max work backwards then back to max again)/etc...

    The only thing I could notice it doing is getting stronger, but no size to it. Any help for me!? Maybe i could try what worked for you guys. It's like I said ^up there somewhere I was able to hit (at the time) 145 on barbell to 6 & 65's to 4 without swaying. Now, i know that they're just numbers, but still with an 18" arm. From what I was seeing it look like the only guys that I was watching put up that weight had at least 20-22" arm. So it seemed like the only thing that was happening was my strength was through the roof. (imo) But no size to back it. idk I just want my arms to look like they should be curling that kind of weight, you know. Cuz I think that most of us would agree that the arm is prolly the most eye appealing thing on a guy, next to abs, then chest.

    LoL & for the record genetics suck LoL just saying!!!

    Also for question about spawn. Yea, I cycle it. That's one thing I would always do. One month on the next off. During the month off I used post cycle tabs. Then take another month off of both. Then I start spawn again. but the thing is I doubled up. Instead of just three a day, I ended up using six tabs a day. Three in morning and another three 45 mins before workout.

    That's were I noticed most of my size. I had jumped from 190 to 210 in 2-1/2 months and by the beginning of summer I was able to hit 222lbs exactly. I wasn't ripped tho! I just looked stocky with a flat tummy. I was so happy! Bc my whole family is like 6'7" @ 140 (no lie, they're scrawny) I'm the biggest yet the tinniest one @ 5'11" and the only thing is my arms not grown maybe by an inch and a half max!! So I gave up!!! Then dropped back down to 205lb. Thats when i had got on night shift and sh*t just keep dropping till I ended up at 192lb. So I really wanted to get back In the gym.

    So I had ate... & ate... "to get big". Like 6-7 times a day eating a whole family pack of chicken, a 1lb of whole wheat pasta. 1 cup of yogurt w/ two apples a banana, 5eggs, 5 pcs of honey wheat toast, cup of oj and a gal of water for a days worth of eating. And you know it(Hah), I'm fat never went back to the gym. Spotted at best! maybe here and there if i wasnt tired, but i ended up gaining like 18lbs of bubblegum. I'm so mad at myself!!!! But now that I have a baby coming I'm trying use that as motivation and get my ass to the gym. So when he/she comes out I'd look like a superhero to em, & not a caveman lol

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Torq View Post

    Also for question about spawn. Yea, I cycle it. That's one thing I would always do. One month on the next off. During the month off I used post cycle tabs. Then take another month off of both. Then I start spawn again. but the thing is I doubled up. Instead of just three a day, I ended up using six tabs a day. Three in morning and another three 45 mins before workout.
    There's a lot more to cover here, but for now I will stick with the above. You are cycling the Spawn improperly, to a dangerous extent. The minimum rule of thumb for "rests" between prohormone cycles is, time on (in your case approx 30 days) + PCT (in your case should be about 30 days); the bare minimum time that you should be running another Spawn cycle is 60 days. I would wait longer, as running continual cycles is detrimental to ones health.

    Spawn is a combination of Epistane (which is liver toxic) and Tren (which is not methylated and not really liver toxic). Aside from running these PH cycles to frequently, you are dosing them improperly and really high. Most people who run Spawn take 3 pills per day, spread evenly throughout the day; noobs usually start dosing at 2 pills and work there way up. You stated that you are running 6 pills a day, which is really high for this compound in my opinion. You should also be running some kind of "on cycle support" supplement, like AI Cycle Support or CEL Cycle Assist; these substance are generally preloaded 2 weeks prior to cycle start date.

    Using "post cycle tabs," whatever that is, is not a good PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) for this substance, or any PH substance for that matter. Many pills that are "Post Cycle" in nature are support supplements used to help or reduce a variety of PH related side effects (high blood pressure, enlarged prostate, etc.). You need to run a SERM (look it up!) when using Spawn, coupled with other supplements.

    How long have you been running Spawn, one month on, on month off?

    What you are doing is dangerous, you could be damaging any number of bodily systems or organs (prostate, heart, liver, etc.) in an innumerable amount of ways. I would suggest that you stop what you are doing immediately, and go to the doctor and get some blood work preformed.

    Continue as you are, and you could chemically castrate yourself, if you haven't already, and/or create or exacerbate any previously known or unknown medical problems. Its always wise to do research before ingesting any substance, particularly exogenous hormones.

  13. What is the total time that you have taken spawn?

  14. I had started spawn in Dec. of '09
    till the beginning of Jan. '10. Mean while the last week in Dec. I had mixed in the "post cycle tabs". (i swear thats what they were called, I'll have to find a pic somewhere to show you guys) and that lasted me till the near end of Jan. All of Feb. is when I took off from every supplement except superpump 250. The beginning of Mar. is when I had gone back on spawn. So I gave it two months right!? Thats when I started the 3 in morning 1/2 hour before breakfast then another three 45 mins before my workouts.

    Also as for the spawn usage i used one bottle. Then took off till Sept. Thats when i found another bottle of spawn. I had stopped it b/c its too expensive and plus thats when they took it off the shelf. But I had found a mom&pop shop that had it so I went on one more cycle, then stopped it for good. B/c I had platued at 222 wasnt getting any bigger so.... I just had stopped taking it. And as for the reason why I said that I swear by it. Was b/c of how much muscle it put on me considering my family's genetics. I had gotten huge off it. well being compared to my family. Going from 179 to 222 in a total of 7-9 months. I was happy!!! But I wanted to go bigger it just couldn't get it.

    It wasn't till the end of '10 that I tried "Test". To be quite honest I really didn't want to. Honestly!!! But.... It's just I got fed up of not being able to get my arms to grow more. That's the only reason why. Was bc of my arms, I swear!!! I felt like they were the things holding me back from pressing more weight, but idk? I'm not skilled in this training thing. LoL guess thats one reason why I had joined LoL B/c to me..... training, is this to lift heavy **** up and put it down.

    I have no real knowledge of this sport. Everytime I had asked your typical "jacked dude" they don't really wanna help me out. In which I can kind of understand. It would be annoying everytime I was in the gym just trying to get my **** done and ppl ask me **** just bc if I was huge.

    So now I'm to the point of hirring a trainer, but I can't find one or afford it. IDK about you guys, but I consider this a sport!!! I think there should be trainers out there teaching you how to bodybuild/powerlift. Kinda like how you'd go to an mma class or a boxing class. You know!!? Just your own Trainer for two hours. Telling you this is the weight your doing, so go lift it and this many times your doing it. Yelling at you getting you to push more or harder or go home. I'd love that!! Cuz I definately don't have the strict discipline to do it myself. I need that guy there telling me do this and this, but that's just me I guess.

    (hah I don't mean your goofy" LA Fittness trainer" where they really don't care and just tell you some bull**** to do for a 1/2hour and running is 15mins part of it hah)

    So I'm open to some pointers!!!


  15. im new too, good luck to your training man

  16. here is that pic of these post cycle tab I used after a cycle of spawn their by IDS........ up nevermind I don't have 50 posts so I can't (well that f'n retarded) well whenever I pass 50 posts I'll throw it up on here!!!


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