Have 30min time frame what works best? (one day)

  1. Have 30min time frame what works best? (one day)

    Ok so i workout for an hour, hour 15min Monday, wed, Saturday.
    My split is chest/back mon, arms wed, legs shoulders core sat. I have been in the gym for almost 2 years now went from 180 and fat to 200 and fit... Question is I used to workout 5 times a week an get great results now I'm down to 3 days because of work.... But I get a hour lunch and a gym is next door... On Fridays I want to do something that's effect not cardio... I do 15 min after working out already.... So what do you suggest for a 30min workout.... I was thinking something simple... Like push ups, pull up, dips.... Over and over... Untill 30 min was up... Any other suggestions that might work better? ( reason for the arms day is arms are my weakest muscle... Chest is big back is huge giant lats row 100lbs one arm)

  2. do another arms workout friday. Bis + tris recover fast.

  3. Hmm that's not to much?

  4. nah, a moderate high reps 30 minute bis/tris workout 2 days after last isn't crazy. you can just about work bis/tris daily.

  5. Sounds good... What exercises do you think will kill bi's they are by far the weakest...



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