Help with competing

  1. Help with competing

    Im new to this whole scene. Two years ago i was a fat mess when i was away at college i gratuated and was disgusted with how i looked. I weighed myself the day of graduation at 180lbs. I changed up my diet and did massive amounts of cardio and got down to 140. I started lifting and work out on a reguraly basis. I currently weigh 162lbs. My stomache is still not looking soo good. I could use improvement on alot of things. I want to train as hard as possible and compete by next year. I need help being steered in the right direction with a diet and better advice on workout plans. My workout partner has taught me alot. I definitely put on some good size but i also took some supplements to help me out. But im still not getting crazy gains. I definitely need help with a good diet, i also need to train harder. I would like to get up to around 175lbs maybe even 180 i just dont want to look like a meatball and i still want to have abs. Ive never had abs before im afraid if i do too much cardio ill loose the little bit of gains i have now.

  2. whats your diet look like?
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  3. 1st: 3 scoops true mass, 3 scoops natural peanut butter, bananna, frozent yogurt, and 2%milk
    2nd: Turkey on whole wheat
    3rd: 2 hamburger patties
    4th: 3 scoops true mass and water

  4. I need help with a good diet and have to eat more.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by JohnFD View Post
    I need help with a good diet and have to eat more.
    Your gonna need a lot of work my man. Your diet has to be 6 meals and consist of more animal protein than whey protein. I can write you a diet but it will take a few days, im kinda busy with a few others.
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  6. Yeah i know only problem i have is i cant do fish. I have a very picky appetite. And thank you man i would really appreciate if you did that for me. Im really serious about competing for next year im going to do whatever it takes to get to that level.


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