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  1. Exclamation Read The Statement the Agree or Disagree.

    [EDIT] Sorry guys the title was supposed to say 'read the statement AND agree or disagree' Tricky business typing on the IPAD :@ [EDIT]

    Not for me in particular but a close training partner, although I can at times relate. However we seem to slightly disagree on some things, what do guys think.

    Known Physical Facts
    22 Years Old.
    4000+ clean calories everyday
    Naturally high test. Last Readings show 650.
    8+ Hours of sleep every night
    Supplements include amino acids, multi and fishoil.

    General Fitness Facts

    I workout 6 days a week, I usually do a full body split such as shoulders,legs,chest,back or something similar. My average gym session is about an hour give or take. I always stay with compound exercises and always in the realm of 6-12 reps. I never feel sore the next day and I continue to slowly but surely make gains.


    There is no way I'm over training cause lets face it: (a) I keep gaining (b) At my age I naturally can recover within 72 hours with adequate calories and sleep plus amino acids may even shorten this time period (c) I never feel sore or over worked.
    I'm back from a longggg nap!

  2. Then he's not overtraining. I lift twice a day, 4-5days a week, naturally, on 3800 cals a day right now and I'm not overtraining either. It's all about what you as an individual are capable of.
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  3. As long as he's gainin', he's not overtrainin'! You'll know when you're in an overtrained state because your body will tell you. I remember back in high school when we'd train two-a-days and hit the weights.

  4. It depends on a lot of variables. Not enough information to say for certain. He could be possibly over-training slightly, greatly, or not at all. Depending on the degree & duration, if any could determine how long he may be able to get persistent gains (which still is highly variable).
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    Gaining and not sore?

    You've got your answer.
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  6. At the moment, probably not.
    Could you over reach and eventually over train without well programmed deload weeks, probably.

    If you are really concerned, you may want to measure resting HR at the time of day under the same conditions for a week straight. Take an average.

    If you start feeling the symptoms of over training, then take your HR again (same time/conditions) for a few days and see if a substantial increase exists. If so, then that is a sign you may be over training or on the verge of.



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