Four weeks off

  1. Four weeks off

    I have to attend a four-week training session this summer for Army ROTC. In that time, I won't be able to lift, and my diet, I'm sure, won't bee up to snuff. I'm finally at a good place in terms of size and strength, and don't want to lose ground. Should I be too concerned about missing four weeks?

  2. Are you certain you wont be lifting while at this Army ROTC event? I'd assume that you would, though I don't have any personal experience. At any event, you'll lose some ground, but at only 4 weeks it wont be anything that you can't fully recover from between a week and a month.

  3. I'm certain. The four weeks is centered on testing leadership potential, and directly correlates to what job I'll get in the Army (it's not protracted physical training). In my spare moments I might be able to do push-ups etc., but I'm sure I'll be kept busy for the whole stay.

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