Leg Workout

  1. Leg Workout

    I am looking for a good 4 week leg workout that will eventually boost my leg strength way up. I have been lifting for 6 years but i hurt my quad pretty bad and havent done much legs for the past year.

  2. strength as in cardio like running strength or strong man strength......? .be more specific
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  3. 20 rep squats
    split squats
    40 yard sprints

    +milk and dead animals = strong legs
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    I've also done fasting and doseing and felt grealt anabolicness , deffint hunger but I'm stronger than that keep full and vascular and strength gose up

  4. Work your way back in, assuming your quad is fully healed:

    Start with a 2-3 sets of squats (10-15 reps) and traveling lunges around 85% relative intensity the first session. 3-5 days later, depending on soreness, the same with rumanian deadlifts and r spit squats/bulgarian split squats.

    Session 3 and 4, increase the relative intensity and/or volume. Also, you can add in another movement. Session 5 and 6 increase the relative intensity again, to close to 95%. Session 7 and 8 you should be good to go full out, assuming there is no abnormal pain in the injured area along the way.


    Note: relative intensity refers to % of a rep max.

    i.e.: If your 10 rm for squat is 200 pounds, an 85% relative intensity would correspond to 170 pounds working weight for 10 reps. 90% would be 180 pounds for 10, 95% would be 190 for 10, etc.

  5. Focus the day around squats its the best lift you can do for your entire body not only does it cause growth in legs but upper body as well its the best. I had sucess basically doing 4-6 sets of squats supplemented isolation exercises usually some leg extensions stiff leged deadlifts calves and possibly leg press.

  6. The squat, my friend, is the king of all exercises. It not only works the quads, but also the hams, glutes, and calves to a certain extent. And not to mention the squat basically incorporates almost every muscle in your body, believe it or not. Since you're just starting to work legs, stay in that 10-15 rep range to condition the muscles. Then when you regain some strength and a decent foundation, you can up the weight and lower the reps. What I do after brutal squat workouts is hit the hack machine and rep out anywhere between 50-100 reps with really light weight. It sometimes gets to the point where my legs will literally cramp up and lock-out.

  7. ATG squats

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Chubbinmuffin View Post
    ATG squats
    Yup, that's the only way to do them. Old school ass squats. Not like this newer generation where they'll drop a whole 6" and call it a squat?!

  9. Several post and only one mention of unilateral work...shame. You have to incorporate some lunges/split squats into your routine as well. These not only many of the underlying muscles in the hips loose, but help to alleviate much of the back discomfort that people feel. Doing everything with both legs neglects the glut medius, glute minimus, and also the piriformis. If you've ever had tight hips or back discomfort, it is most likely from this.

    My recommended routine:
    Squats (100% focus on technique and not the weight)
    Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
    Walking Lunges/Bulgarian Split Squats

    You can throw in the aesthetic work (Leg Extension/Curls) if you wish, but it is not necessary.
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