Having trouble balancing Bodybuilding and MMA workouts...

  1. Question Having trouble balancing Bodybuilding and MMA workouts...

    I have been in true bodybuilding mode since I was 17 and that's been nearly 11 years gaining damn near 70 pounds over that time. I have been losing motivation trying to find a fun workout going week to week from max-ot, to DC, to high reps to hugeness to Layne Nortons Power/Hypertrophy Split Routine I did this week which has been a bit much for me. Over the years I have been doing MMA and every time I join up with a team or train hardcore I can NEVER balance the two cause my body is in shut down mode where I cant move! I haven't been able to balance them training for size and strength in the gym like an animal then trying stand and bang with someone when my body is already sore and beat up. I haven't found or was unable to understand a few MMA workouts I found. Anyone know a good simple MMA routine which can still build size and strength for MMA? Thanks!

  2. MMA by itself isn't really meant to build size and strength. You can't train optimally for size and strength and try to go full speed with the MMA training as well. The demands for each "compete" with each other too much. You have to priortize what is most important and put the other qualities in "maintenance" mode.
    If you really want to train seriously for MMA your lifting should be very efficient and focus on large, multi-joint movements with relatively low volume (opposite of typical "bodybuilding" training). I would do something like lifting two days a week with one day being SQ, bench, and pull-ups and the other day DL, standing overhead press, and rows. You may also do some MMA-specific bodyweight exercises somewhere in your week as well.

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