!!!PLATEAU????--Why me??

  1. !!!PLATEAU????--Why me??

    I was out of the gym for about 6 months toward the middle-end of 2010. I'm going strong again (6 wks or so) and being disciplined-eating clean and healthy, and working out hard 4-5 days a week.

    I just feel like I've already hit a plateau. I gained my weight and pump back over the last 6 weeks and I'm looking great. It just feels like I've hit a wall though.

    Dpes anyone have any suggestions that may help me get that 3-dimensional "pop" that I'm looking for? I'm starting to think that genetics are screwing me-my parent's and family aren't muscleheads by any means! Any thoughts will help. Thanks!!!

  2. have u been on the same training routine for these past six weeks? reps included.
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  3. you want to grow? eat more.
    post your workouts like balla said....and maybe change routines.

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