Need some suggestions

  1. Need some suggestions

    Hey guys, needed some advice here.

    Im trying to bulk up as many as possible before spring break in march. ive been good in the gym and im starting to see a lot of progress since coming back.

    in my hockey game this weekend I messed up my left wrist pretty good. Its either badly sprained or a hairline fracture. Either way, I cant put too much pressure on it. Im wondering if anybody has any suggestions for any upper body exercises to try and thicken myself up that doesnt require a lot of hand pressure.

    I couldnt think of any at all.

    Thanks guys.

  2. things that will put mass on you without doing upper body will be deadlifts and squats....and lots of them. eat your butt off and do these until your wrist is healed. you can do machine shoulder workouts (not sure if your gym has these), and machine flys using ur forearm to move the machine bar medial.
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  3. Look for ways to use the machines in your gym. With a bit of determination and ingenuity,you can work around not being able to grip directly with your hand to work the bicep and tricep, chest, and shoulders. Of course, it won't be as good as normal but it can help get you by until you heal.

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