how much volume is too much volume?a german volume training

  1. how much volume is too much volume?a german volume training

    so,first my goals.hypertrophy,hypertrophy and more hypertrophy.power means nothing to me,i just wanna get bigger.bodybuilder style.i been running german volume training and so far i am liking the early results.i been running close to the basic one found on BB
    day 1 chest/back
    day 2 legs
    day 3 off
    day 4 shoulders and arms
    abs i try to do everyday

    but i want to add even more to this,thinking something

    chest 10x10 DB press
    10x10 incline DB flys
    10x10 plate loaded decline

    back 10x10 t-bar rows
    10x10 reverse grip bentover rows/yates rows
    4x fail chin-up

    legs 10x10 back squat
    10x10 lying leg curl
    4x12-20 stiffed leg deads
    4x12-20 leg EX
    calves 10x10-30 standing or seated rasies

    shoulders 10x10 seated press
    10x10 lat raises
    10x10 bent over raises

    bi's 10x10 barbell curl
    4x10-15 hammer curl

    tris 10x10 skullcrushers

    then every 6 week cycle i will do like a week of "recover"where i lessen the volume then start another,switching up the exercises.
    what do you think?i am open to any ideas and thoughts,also i do run "PED's"
    and diet in the most part is in check.bulking diet

  2. To directly quote Charles Poliquin, you are making apple pie using blueberries- it just isn't apple pie anymore.

    I am all for experimenting with programmes but if you are going to do GVT, do it properly, not a version mixed with something else.

    There is reason behind the tempo, rest intervals, training split, training frequency, exercise selection, rep and set selection etc. If you add in more volume you are going to have to change the variables and therefore change the result.

    GVT is outstandingly popular for a reason. Do it as it is prescribed and if you make changes, do it in another mesocycle. You already said you are "liking the early results". Continue and enjoy it!

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