no laughing but has anybody tried 10 minute trainer

  1. no laughing but has anybody tried 10 minute trainer

    i dont know if it is because i have not work out in a long time or what.but i have just started doing this video called 10 minute trainer its the girly version of p 90x .but i am using a pretty thick hard resistant i am sore and pumped as hell just soaking wet i mean it kicks my tale.i know it is mainly because i am way out of shape but i was a gym rat and played major college football and i know a thing or two about work out and these bands and no rest give you a hell of a pump.has anybody else found these bands give a great work out?

  2. It's a good workout and it'll make you sweat as all the workouts are completed in a 10 min session. I'd suggest moving onto p90x when you're done with ten minute trainer.

  3. yea i am trying to decide if i want to stay with working out at home 10 minute tranier p90x etc.or joinying the gym i am geting really good results with the 10 min tranier and the bands right now but how long will that last.i may just keep working out at home till i hit a platue.then join the gym but i was just really really suprised with the results i am geting with just the bands and 10 mins a day.i have been doing it for two weeks and i look like somebody that has been lifting weight for years.the bands work reall well for your arms.

  4. 10 minuts is not a workout .
    try to avoide any workout sytems that are geared to lazy people of wich dont want to spend time working out. for eg.
    "the AB BLASTER get ripped abs in just 6 minuts a day." **** like that.

    im sure its nice as a warm up though.

  5. p90x might be more worth your time.
    or learning the basics for free online.

  6. not trying to be rude but i dont need to learn the basics.i have worked out for about 15 years before taking a long break but i still after not toching a weight of any kind can still bench arround 350 lbs sqt 600.and my bicepes are probally 18inc or bigger.and yes 10 mins kicks my ass.if you are going balls to the wall with no rest what so ever.but yes i will get back into the weight room soon but i am really lucky genictally and played college football FOR A MAJOR COLLEGE.but thanks for the laugh i all most lost my coffe when i read that i needed to learn the bassics i lol.if you ever get a chance for a change of pace try the 10 min tranier or p90x or any thing with power bands they can really give you a great mucsle pump.


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