Natty returns.

  1. Natty returns.

    I'm back.

    I'm sorry I ever left.

    I wish I had a good excuse but I don't. I don't know where it all went wrong or where I crashed and burned but I am back tonight thanks to one of my best friends getting in my face about it. I was being a nancy and trying not to admit I was disapointed and embarrassed in myself...I tried to let the past shoulder the blame.

    I don't know what else to say except that i've been incredibly depressed the last year and a half...and the last time i got this bad i came here to. both times i refound my focus and desire.
    I doubt my old friends are still here, but I will make new ones with ya'll. I am a dedicated lifter. That never left me...i don't know how to explain going from 250 lbs to 214 even though i lifted hard 4 days a week. something tells me i'm breaking out of that slump though...i think i understand. I just quite eating one day.

    if this sounds crazy i'm sorry but if you stick around I welcome you on board my journey at the end of the rant.

    I'm a semi pro football working to return to college. I'm 21, i'll be old but I still have 4 eligible years and and an incredible dedication. at full strength i am a middle linebacker in size and ability, d.e. in comfort and fullback in desire...if that makes sense...basically i'm fast and i hit hard but i want to block (hit someone onee every play? yes pleae) but i'm not big enough to be a line men or tall enough to be a tight end and full back sounds like just the right fit. the big bad bears want me on middle line backer and the only thing on defense i'm fully comfortable doing is blitzing. I can cover sufficiently but it's definitely not at all natural feeling.

    that's the end.

    my numbers
    6'7 arm span
    217 right now
    247 3 months ago.

  2. Good luck and welcome back.

  3. welcome back bud! If you become famous don't forget me
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  4. lol thanks guys. i didn't make it to the gym today, and i'm kinda mad at myself about that cuz i let stuff get built up and today was spend just getting caught up with school work and everyrthing.

    tomorrow I have practice at 1, and depending on how physical it is i may go hit legs afterwards.

  5. Muscle memory is a beautiful thing...

    I had taken a 3 month break and dropped from 195 to 175. I just got back in the gym 2 weeks ago and I'm +11 pounds on a dirty bulk and creatine. Already looking full and heavy.

    It's always shocked me how fast muscle comes back on after it's lost.

    Good luck and subbed.

  6. welcome back to AM and the gym bro. if you need any help with anything pm me
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  7. Thanks for the words guys.

    Today was a decent practice. I can not wait to get back on a college team with more structure and harder coaches though...I had a few big hits, a few good blocks on s.t.'s and my cover skills have vastly improved over the last few months...I did hyperextend my knee though and it's giving me some problems...also rolled the ankle on the same leg (we're playing in slop cuz it's been raining to dang much). both things should be good by this afternoon and I'll be hitting the legs if so.

    I do need some help with diet though. I had to go gluten free (celiacs disease) a while back and i've had the biggest problem since. basically i can't eat anything with wheat, barley, and rye. I also can't eat anything with canola oil...i'm beyond tired of brown rice. I need complex carb suggestions please

  8. Yesterday was leg day. forgot to record it so i'm throwing it in before i workout. It was a leg day, and i've been very sore from practice and i'm nursing a few injuries (hyperextended knee, and sore ankle though not sure why) so i went more for burnouts.

    squats-315x12 *20 second break under the weight x8 *20 second break uw. x6 *again x5 * x2.

    then spotted my buddy

    front squats my legs were still very very shaky and i was having problems walking so i put on one plate where i would normally throw on 2 to 2 and a half.
    5 sets of 12 butt to grass stopping at the bottom for a count of 3, exploding up as fast as i could but not locking my knees out.
    standing reverse hack squats (hits the butt). my butt is pretty strong, and the way this machine is set up i'm hitting the weight at an angle and there's not a lot of friction so i can really load this machine up with plates and hit it and i really think it's more show than anything because i don't really feel like it's heavy...anyway
    10 plates on each side for 4 sets of 12, then one mega dropset where i do 8, drop a plate on each side then 8 more and so on all the way down till there's no weight. i try to be honest with myself and make myself do more work when the weight gets lower and i feel like i actually can do the lower the weight gets the higher the rep range and i usually end around 50 reps without weight.

    then i did calf raises on the machine cuz i didn't think i could hold free weights and stumbled on home.

  9. chest.
    dumb bell flat bench-90'sx 11 (i wanted 12 but over extended and lost it), x10, x8, x8, x4. (only left 10 seconds of rest between the last two sets)

    flat bench flyes-50's x4 sets of 12

    dips-4 sets of 12 w body weight shifted backwards to focus on chest.

    cable crossover-3 sets of 8 w 40 (on the stack).

    skull crushers- 110 lb ezbar x 4 sets of 12,10,9,7
    superset w
    ezbar curls-110 lb ez bar curlsx 4 sets of 14,16,9,6. (the set of 16 really killed me. i went beyond failure to where i was forcing them and resting about 3-4 seconds between the final 4 reps.)

    b.w. bench dips-4 sets of 30
    db alt arm curls-50's x4 sets of 14...there was a cute girl in the area and i got distracted in trying to showoff. i'll feel this tomorrow.

    did some crossover yoga exercises on a bosu ball, stretched, and foam rolled.

  10. back
    lat pulldowns-180 (so the stack says)x 4 sets of 10
    wide grip support t-bar rows-4 sets of 8 with 3 plates
    bent over bb rows-135x 4 sets of 12. negatives and exagerated rom
    db military press-50'sx 3 sets of 12.
    front raises-35'sx 3 sets of 10
    lateral raises-35's x 3 sets of 10.

    my shoulders are considerably weaker and seem to be where i've been hit the hardest.


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