Please Critique my Power/Hypertrophy Split - Norton Modified

  1. Please Critique my Power/Hypertrophy Split - Norton Modified

    Hey guys...New member of, but long time gym rat. It's taken me a long time to get to a point where I know the right diet and exercises, amount of rest, cardio, etc. I'm 34, 13%BF, 190lbs, eat 6 times a day (including 2 MRPs).

    My gaols are size and strength. I like the idea of Power/Hypertrophy like Layne Norton's workouts, but the exact workout that's been posted on the net is too much volume for me it seems, so I modified it a bit.

    Will you guys take a look and please critique and offer ideas or suggestions on how you think I might maximize this 3 month workout best? Many thanks in advance for the help!

    Monday – Upper Power – 5x5
    Incline Bench
    Military Press
    Flat Bench - 3x6
    BB Row - 3x6

    Tuesday – Lower Power – 5x5
    Back Squat
    Leg Press - 3x6
    Sit Calfs – 3x6

    Thursday – Chest/Back/Traps (rep range 8-12)
    DB Flat Bench - 3 sets
    Incline BB – 4 sets
    Weighted Dips – 2 sets
    Flys – 2 sets
    Tbar Row – 4 sets
    CG Pulls – 3 sets
    WG pulldowns (or rombus pull) – 2 sets
    BB / DB Shrugs – 4 sets

    Friday – Shoulders/Arms (rep range 8-12)
    Military Press – 4 sets
    Side Lat (or Front Raise) – 2 sets
    Upright row (or Reverse Fly) – 2 sets
    Chins – 3 sets
    BB Curls – 3 sets
    Drags (or Hammer) – 2 sets
    CGPB – 3 sets
    Skulls (or Pull Downs) – 3 sets

    Saturday – Lower Hypertrophy (rep range 8-12)
    Squat (front?) – 3 sets
    Dead's (light) – 3 sets
    Leg Ext – 3 sets
    Let Curl (or SLDL) – 3 sets
    Calfs – 15x3
    Forearms – 2 sets

  2. yea looks good to me

  3. Sweet, thanks chubbs!

  4. Good start, there's a few changes I would make for balance:

    For monday: stick to push press, barbell row, bench press, and pull ups in that order. Then some ancillary movements (rotator cuff work, scapation, etc.)
    Tuesday: Squats and rumanian deadlifts, plus some ancillary movements (barbell glute-hip bridge, swiss ball leg curls, hip abductions, abdominals/core)

    Thursday: Rotate, or better yet, superset, your pec and back work.
    Switch friday and saturday.
    Friday: Deadlift (6 reps), front squats, split squats or leg press or travelling lunges, leg curls, leg extensions (if you must), then ancillary work (hip pull through, hip abduction, etc.)
    Saturday: Dumbbell over head press, lateral raises (no front raises...ever), reverse fly or bent over dumbbell raises (upright rows are hell on the shoulder joint), arm work, then ancillary work (external rotations, scapula dips, face pulls, abdominals and core)


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