Help with my split

  1. Help with my split

    I am trying to get back into the gym pretty steadily. Here's the split I've come up with so far. I'm going to put the exercises I do as well. Can anyone tell me what day would be best for deadlifts and can you guys tell me how it looks?

    Sun- Chest/abs (and sometimes biceps)
    Mon- Legs/Calves
    Tues- off
    Wed- Shoulders/abs
    Thurs- Back/Calves
    Fri- Arms (maybe some abs)
    Sat- off

    I've pretty much just been doing the four first days right now. Decided to add a specific arm day to see how that does for me.
    Chest-Flat Barbell 4X8, Incline Dumbell 3X8, Machine Decline 3X15, flies 3X12
    Legs-Squat 3X6-8, single-leg leg press 4X10 (my left thigh is lagging in strenght to my right), single-leg leg extension back to back 3X12, Single leg seated leg curl back to back 3X12--calves-donkey calf raise machine 3X15, seated calf raise 3X15
    Shoulders-hanging clean and press 3X6-8, Arnold press 4X10, superset side and front laterals 3X10 each, lateral machine 2Xhow many I can do until I can't lift the thing at all--abs-ab coaster, crunch machine or cable crunches
    Back-pullups 3Xfailure or lat pull downs 3X8, barbell row 3X8, Low row machine 4X15--calves-same as before
    Arms-Planning on tricep pressdown 3X10 (to warm up my triceps and elbows), Hammer curls 3X8, Dips 3X8, dumbbell curls 3X8-10, Skull Crushers 3X8 (do these later when my elbows are warm to avoid injury, otherwise I'd probably do them first or second. I also usually superset narrow grip press for this one), ez bar preacher curls 3X10--abs-same as before

  2. No one has any advice for me? If I get someone who can respond, I'm also interested in doing rack pulls in a few weeks. Can I incorporate these and then traditionaly deadlifts on back day?

  3. i have a similar split, you can search for my log for specifics. i do DL first on back day, then follow up with rows and shrugs and calves. IF i have any gas left after that I do a few RPs, but i often am spent.
    i combine shoulders (OH press) with arm day...but i do tricep specific movements on chest day.
    i'm not a believer in all those leg curl things, i stick to barbell based movements on leg day, again I invite you to my log thread if you'd like, and good luck!

  4. Here's my favorite after tweaking my program for years:

    6 day split

    Day 1: Chest/triceps
    Day 2: Back/shoulders/biceps
    Day 3: off
    Day 4: Biceps/Triceps
    Day 5: Legs
    Day 6: off

    Note: I start with deadlifts every other week and alternate because I do alot of stiff leg deadlifts for hamstrings. I can build alot of size on my back with all the other compound movements but it would have to be my favorite. I usually do calves a bit more even though I didnt list it except on leg day. Sometimes twice a split. I don't destroy my arms following chest or back. I usually reserve the big size builders for arm day. I ususally only do two excercises for each after pre-exhausting them. I find it impossible to separate shoulders and back

  5. Thanks man. I'll go check it out. I see you live in Biloxi. I used to be stationed there when I was in the AF.

  6. heres one split i use, but i always change it about every month or so.

    Mon - Legs
    Tues - Shoulders/Traps
    Wed - OFF
    Thurs - Back/Bi
    Fri - Chest/Tri

    Heres another

    Mon - 5x5
    Tues - OFF
    Wed - Legs/Traps
    Thurs - Chest/Tri
    Fri - Back/Bi


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