Still no left tricep WTF

  1. Still no left tricep WTF

    I've been doing everything I can for my triceps since I started training almost 10 years ago, and my right tricep has been coming in nicely, but I still have no where near the same size with my left tricep. Granted I haven't been trying to build muscle that entire time, but now i'm doing a serious clean bulk and looking to add 1/2'' -1'' to my arms. I pretty much do cable pressdowns, close grip bench press, skullcrushers, and dips, and nothing still. whats up?

  2. Do your dips weighted so you can only do sets of ten... Also try some diamond pushups... Weighted sets of ten... Nothing like bodyweight exercises to Force the arms to grow.

  3. I agree i had little development in my tri's until i started doing weighted dips not only have i seen a noticable change in the development of tris but my chest has progressed nicely too. Weighted sets i go till failure all the time on body weight lifts so depending how much weight i use i usually got 12-10-8 in reps give or take how i feel and rest.

  4. If your body grows, so will your triceps. Post pictures, it'll help us determine where you are at muscle development wise.

  5. Try doing more dumbbell stuff for the tris, the heavier the better. Ideas could be instead of doing french presses (often mistaken/interchanged with "skullcrushers") with a bar/ez bar, use dumbbells. You can go heavy if you'd like. This can be a great way to assess if there's a strength imbalance that you just dont notice otherwise in the other exercises that can be covered by slight cheating (flaring elbows on close grips, flaring elbows or leaning on dips, etc). And don't get me started on cable exercises - those things are so easy to cheat on it's more of a workout, and a science experiment, to actually hit body parts evenly with those.

    EDIT: Also guys, I'm pretty sure he's saying his right tricep is fine but his left one isn't, not that he can't grow tris at all lol.

  6. all the exercises you mentioned are things that you can compensate for with the other arm, try things that isolate the triceps individually and see if there really is a difference in strength, maybe you need a bit more isolation to really achiever some symetry

  7. I have the same problem. I tried doing single arm isolation exercises only to even them out for years. You'd think that'd be the solution but I only just recently started to make progress when i said f#ck it and started doing two arm tricep movements for the last couple of months. I've seen more results from this than anything.

  8. If your doing exercises that use both arms. Just focus on feeling the left tri. Only think about and focus on that contraction. Mind muscle is powerful stuff.


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