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    so usually after I train I have a slight pump for a while after but latley I noticed, especially today, I have no post workout pump anymore I made a few changes lately and I will list them also for some reason I have noticed a decrease in my arm size which im confused about as well

    I started takin erase couple wks agoand I speculate one reason my pumps disspear so quick is due to fact I take one serving of erase immediatly after gym

    I also startedtakin a huge shake consisting of 2cups of oats 24oz nonfat milk 1scoop whey. This is 1000cals 130carbs 75g protein 15min after gym. Could this be too much?

    I started using a whey from designer whey company, name ofwhey is blitz 60 could this be **** protein quality?

    I started doing cardio but before cardio I take erase, OEP, bcaa5grams. Post cardio iimmediatle take another 5grams bcaa shower then make anothe 600cals shake of oats milk and whey I only do fasted cardio 3x a wk but throughout my wk my cals r high so I shouldnt experience any muscle loss heck look at the nfl players they r huge and theydo cardio.

    So those r the recent changes and im really frustraded at why tge lack of pump especially decrease in arm size its frustrating.

  2. I mean, if you have a pump and then drink that big shake, your pump is going to go away because a lot of that blood will start being drawn to the digestive system to aid in digestion.

    Most likely the decrease in arm size is a result of a decrease in glycogen stores. In a week's time, my arms may flucuate in size around 1/2 inch. Some days my arms look large and full, other days they look softer. Has a LOT to do with glycogen, so don't worry that you've lost muscle mass. Usually you don't lose a noticeable amount of muscle mass as quickly as you would notice a decrease in volume as a result of a decrease in glycogen... Yeah!

    Anyway, maybe a nice little break is in order to recupe.

    Also, I'd recommend waiting to drink such a big shake. After I workout I like to take some sugar (dextrose/maltodextrin or waxy maize) and then some whey protein. Then about 45-60 minutes later I'll eat a larger meal.

    Good luck man

  3. That dose make sense such a big shake killing pump due to.blood going to stomach to digest.

    I noticed decrease for the past 4ish

    Anyone got other thoughts

  4. i never go to the gym on a full stomach. mistake right there. make your shake post workout and like hero said, have some sugar post workout.

  5. I dont go full stomach either loll that was my post workout shake. I cant use sugar the way my body is even the slightest sugar I bloat up and gain massive fat. My body is very sensitive to simple sugars therefore I use oats

  6. Cardiovascular makes my pump dissappear so quick.

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  7. But I only do pumps in morning 3x a wk no where near my rrsistance training

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jasen View Post
    But I only do pumps in morning 3x a wk no where near my rrsistance training
    You do separate pump workouts?

  9. I meant cardio in mornings

  10. I'm serious, a lot of times if you take a break (1 week), when you come back you get pumps very easy and everything feels so "fresh."

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Type O Hero View Post
    I'm serious, a lot of times if you take a break (1 week), when you come back you get pumps very easy and everything feels so "fresh."
    Who has the mental fortitude to take off a week of training though?!!??!

    Jasen my recommendation is to cut one thing out over the next week to see what's eliminating the pump. Basiccally keep cutting things until the pump returns.

  12. I just had a break 4wks ago, ill start that next wk I was thinking of doing that


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