Squat Questions

  1. Squat Questions

    Hey All,

    I recently started squatting (got a power rack so I can do it safely)

    I've been lifting for 3 years or so but only been squatting for about a month.

    I started slow and light to get my form sorted, am now squatting about 175lb for 5.

    I find that my sticking point is right at the bottom of the squat, ass to grass.

    Once I got past this point the rest of the lift is much easier.

    Is this normal, and are there any additional exercises I can do to improve this.

    Or do I just squat more and get better at it?

    Cheers Guys.

  2. Squat more.

    When in doubt - squat.

    Sometimes I go into the gym and can't remember what part of my split I'm on that day - so I just go over to the squat rack and squat. If you are afraid you are wasting your time in the gym - go to the squat rack - because squatting is never a waste of time. If there is a hot girl you want to impress in the gym - start squatting because the image of a man squatting is a huge turn on to girls. Also - squatting will produce pheromones that will drive women wild and make them spontaneously ovulate by just standing next to your awesomeness. If you go into the gym angry - you won't be angry after an exhaustive round on the squat rack. Squatting makes you feel tired - and sleep like a baby.

    Seriously - the secret to life is squatting.f

    EDIT: Why the hell did you wait three years before squatting? I have herniated disks all over my spine and a serious case of scoliosis ... but I still squat. I won't ever stop squatting.

  3. Haha excellent. More squats.

    Erm, I work out at home, didn't have a squat rack, or a spotter.

    So I did Zercher squats bench presses and deadlifts. Just got me a rack, put it together and started squatting properly.

  4. box squats / banded squats
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  5. Box squats, good mornings, stiff leg deadlifts.

  6. I don't know squat.

  7. How about 'exploding' out of the bottom when warming up. Or maybe even having sets where you pause a second or two at the bottom or 3/4 of the way down then come up quickly [ again with a lighter weight. ]

  8. i heard you should only squat to 90 degrees any lower is really hard on your knees and trashes em out

  9. Quote Originally Posted by chubbsthedog6 View Post
    i heard you should only squat to 90 degrees any lower is really hard on your knees and trashes em out

    IMO your knees bend as far as they do because God wanted you to use full range of motion.

    i hate 120 pound kids who come in the gym, and squat 405 for a few 2 inch reps and claim they are squatting.

    Quote Originally Posted by alwaysgaining View Post
    I've also done fasting and doseing and felt grealt anabolicness , deffint hunger but I'm stronger than that keep full and vascular and strength gose up

  10. oh dont worry i go to ninety just no lower but i completely see what your talking about

  11. You may also be not useing enough hip in your squat. Make sure your leading with your hips THEN your knees. I see many people that try and keep theit back straight and just use their knees and its always failure, especially if your going for heavy weight. Time and practice is thhe key. My squat took off once I learned to use my hips properly. Best of luck!

  12. IMO, if you are sticking at the bottem there is something really wrong. The stretching action on the hamstrings should provide you with a "rebound" effect.
    Furthermore, it is very dangerous to lose this tension at the bottom of the squat.
    Honestly, without seeing your squat, I can't really give advice on how to correct this issue. Is there anyway you could post up a video?

  13. CrazyBassGuy, i could send u a link that might help - it just shows different stretches

  14. Squats and Deads baby!!!

  15. Start box squatting. It'll open your hips up and strengthen your legs/glutes and everything that goes into making a killer squat whilst preserving areas of your body like your knees that you don't want to **** up. You're probably not strong enough in those areas yet. If you have access to a glute ham raise machine, use that religiously too. There's seriously a million ways to build a stronger squat.


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