WS4SB type workout routine help

  1. WS4SB type workout routine help

    Hey guys. Ive checked out the westside for skinny basterds routine and like a lot of it but i think i am going to modify it a little bit. I want to have my workout go:

    Mon:Heavy weight/ low reps Thurs: Light weight/ high reps
    chest x3
    back x3
    traps x3
    bis x3
    tris x3
    shoulders x3

    *when i say x3 i mean 3 different workouts for that body part with 3 sets each. So i would do a total of 9 lifts for chest

    Tues: Heavy weight/ low reps Fri: Light weight/ high reps
    Squats x3
    calf raises x3
    lunges x3
    leg press x3

    I am wondering whether doing my upper body routine if three lifts are necesary for all those body parts. I am thinking maybe i only need to do 2 lifts for traps per workout and maybe the same for tris.

    Please let me know your guys opinion on this workout. I am definitely open to constructive criticism when it comes to adjusting this workout. thanks guys!!

  2. WS4SB is a proven program that has worked for many people over time. Your program doesn't really look like that at all. It just looks like a typical "bodybuilding" routine with a ton of volume and exercises. I think WS4SB would work much better. My advice would be to do the program as written. DeFranco wrote the program the way it is for a reason. Odds are he knows more about training than you (and most of the rest of us for that matter), so follow his program as written.

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