Been lifting for 2 years not much progress please help!!!

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  1. Been lifting for 2 years not much progress please help!!!

    So I been lifting for 2 years... Really haven't seen much results I mean... Yes I'm 200lbs at 15-17% fat. I think I was gaing good then got stupid and did a cycle of superdrol/epi did do nolva for pct... Honestly superdrol and epi I didn't gain a pound... Actually I think I gained fat on that cycle.... So what's wrong with what I'm doing my diet is good I think... My training was 5x5 Now I changed it to full body 3 times a week.... Mayr that will help? My question is do you think I have low test?! If I can't gain muscle? I'll posty daily diet below ad traing is all compound movements plus so iso

    Wake up 30 gram protein shake with milk plus 2oz chicken

    11am. Beef jerky or protein bar

    2. 8oz chicken usually or turkey or something.

    5pm protein shake or like 16ozs chocolate milk

    8pm usually chicken,Beef, turkey.

    So the only thing I can think is my test is low.... I'm only 20 though... But I think my superdrol/epi ****ed me over even with nolva....

  2. Based on what you're saying here, I think I eat nearly double the amount of food as you. Also, if you're accurate with 5'9'', 200 lbs, and 16%, then you did ok.

  3. Ya I'm about accurate... I can sometimes just make out my top abs... My arms are very very small though.... Like 13inches but my lats are like wings... And I tried eating more and I just get bloated and fat.... I guess my metoblism is very slow... I was taking in about 3500 calories and getting fat. I'll see if I can upload a pic...Maybe I'm fatter than I think lol I think I am fat though

  4. You need to eat ALOT more than that...and I mean ALOT! Go out and buy some food!!!

  5. Ok I might be fatter I was just looking at some pics then looked at other and I'm prolly closer to 17-20% fat.... Damn... Haha maybe I'll bulk to 220lbs lol jk I would like to be 10-12 by summer but like I said I can't seem to grow... But fat comes on easily

  6. Your diet isnt detailed enough for us to go on...
    **** I eat more than that and I'm only 175 @ around 12-14%, 5'8

    Basic musclebuilding "diets" dictate eating your body weight x20 kcals a day...OR MORE
    What you describe doesnt sound anywhere near that.

    You might wanna re-evaluate your eating. Start by counting 200 x 20 = 4000
    If you can't eat 4000+ kcald a day without using cheap burgers or pizza, (using clean food) then ph's wont help you.

    Nutrition is 80% bodybuilding...

    P.s. I gain fat easily too...just moniter Carb intakes to certain times per day and add in small amounts of cardio multiple times a week

  7. I'm the same height. I was strong as hell at 195 but it wasn't until i started eating big that i started getting big.

  8. Ok so if I get this right... I can eat more and not gain fat... Jus watch carbs.... Can someone help me with this? What would a easy to follow diet look like that isn't like 100 bucks a week.... Also I can't eat tuna it makes me sick every time also cottage cheese makes me sick also... So what would I diet be you guys think?

    Omni your my height and 250lbs?!? You must be freaking huge!!

  9. Eat, chicken, rice then more chicken. Looks like you are guessing at BF that impossible
    to do.

  10. Ya it's a guess based on what other say... O chicken is mainly what I buy when I shop... Brown rice sometimes but I'm very carb sensitive think that's what makes it hard to eat 3500 calories... Carbs... I try to stay below 100... But that's hard when you ha e to eat alot...haha


    Could follow directly or tinker as you like...
    they offer many e-books for different styles of training/eating/living depending on your body and your goals...

    even if you dont like their supps, they practice what they preach.

  12. I'm no expert by far, but something is not adding up.

    If I were you I would post up some pics, a very detailed breakdown of your daily intake (pick an average day) and your workout routine.

    There's plenty of sharp folks on here that can point things out in an instant.

  13. I'll post pics in about a hour or so... I just weighed myself and I'm 196lbs been on a cut or trying for 3 weeks now... So down from 201... Very detailed I'll do today what I ate...

    730am. Protein shake with milk
    11am potroast about 6oz with ceasar salad lite dressing
    2 pm protein bar 30gram protein
    5 pm 20oz chocolate milk
    Workout 730
    830 post workout shake with milk
    9pm will be BBQ chicken about 8-10 ozs

    Training... Full body m/w/f

    Monday flat bench deads military press leg press tri pushdown rope, barbell curl, then sometimes shrugs or whatever I feel like I need to hit better... I do that m/w/f mostly... Oo pull ups and pushups also and dips.

  14. Ok I post the workout I just did....

    Squats 2 sets 10
    Flat bench 2 sets 10
    Dumb bell pull overs 2 of 10
    Tri pushdown 2 of 10
    Seated rows 2of 8
    Calf raises 2 of 12
    Deads 2 of 10
    Crunches 2 of 15
    Military press 1 of 10 2nd set made it to 8

  15. NOwhere near enough calories, or protein. You really should be eating TWICE this. If you still want to keep carbs low then only eat them with breakfast and before training. I did this for 5 months, lost loads of fat and increased strength slightly, but managed to look bigger. Aim for at least 300gms protein a day. You are eating very little fat. Get a lot of your kcals from fats - whole eggs, nuts, fish, oils etc.
    You also need to make your mind up what you want to achieve. DO you want to cut or gain mass? It is very hard to do both. Either go for the cut now or bulk up and then cut later. Either way you need to fix the nutrition side of things before anything else.

  16. Also I forgot lat pull downs 2 of 8

  17. Can you post me a good diet to get that much protein in I have such a hard tome with diet to get that much protein.... And I guess I'll go for mass as I'm not anywhere near as big as I want to be...

  18. how much weight do you use with all those workouts?? thats important info.

  19. eat at least 6 melas a day with 50 grams of protein at each meal....that gives u 300 grams of protein, add in 300 grams of complex carbs and 100 grams of HEALTHY fats and u got 3300 ur weight that probably wont even be enoug but since u ay u gain fat easily maybe it is, shoot for that and see what happens. Also if u cgain fat easily make most of the carbs before your training, and any carbs after ur postworkout window keep them fiborous, that shoudl keep fat gain to a minimum with plenty f energy for workouts!

  20. This is what I'm doing now. I'm on the go and have to pack my meals. I leave my house at 4 am and home about 6pm. No microwave. My diet is simple, cheap and I'm growing every week.
    Meal 1- large bowl of oatmeal, 32oz protein shake in milk- 75g protein
    Hit the gym for about 45min.
    Meal 2- Another protein shake in milk, 32oz gatorade with 1tbs corn syrup
    Meal 3- 1 can of ravioli's, protein shake, a fruit
    Meal 4- 2 cheap fastfood burgers (value meal) and 2 cups of milk
    Meal 5- 1 lb beef about a cup of noodles, a pound of veggies
    Meal 6- 6 eggs, a protein shake

    I got this from Dante Trudel and modified it a little. Don't forget to drink a couple gallons of water.

  21. Omni it sounds like a pretty simple diet... How do you get so much protein in the shakes? Like 3 scoops protein powder? Fastfood burgers? Really? Not gaining to much fat with that?

  22. O weights for the workouts deads is around 250 or so... Bench about 180 or so... Lat pulldown is like 80-90lbs push downs also about the same... Dips are bw plus 20lbs um I am starting a long this week to track it better but every week I do add weight

  23. I gain alot of fat with starches and and grains. You could also try getting all your carbs from fruit and veggies. works for me...lean out and build muscle. Just play with it man, but bottom line is you need to eat more! Nothing will happen unless you eat more!

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Machwon1 View Post
    Omni it sounds like a pretty simple diet... How do you get so much protein in the shakes? Like 3 scoops protein powder? Fastfood burgers? Really? Not gaining to much fat with that?
    32oz of milk is 36g of protein plus 2 scoops of protein. I do cardio everyday and I don't seem to put much fat on. My waist stays around 34" to 35". Closer to summer I'll tighten up and switch to chicken.

  25. Hmm I'm going to try the diet and make it better... Thanks guys


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