What music do you train to?

  1. What music do you train to?

    Hey guys.. I'm in the process of updating my ipod with a new playlist for me to train with.. I don't think I've ever seen a thread like this and I'm hoping it will result in some great discussion. Personally I find my music really helps motivate me and drive me to push harder during workouts.

    Some songs I always include are Stronger by kanye west, headstrong by trapt, a few songs by Rise Against. Share your favs!

  2. Avenge sevenfold. Lips of deciet is the song I listen to for a 1rm.
    If not a7x then metallica. For cardio it's eminem or girltalk.

  3. Here are my favorites:

    1) Bullet for my valentine, Album: Fever, Songs: all
    2) Five Finger Death Punch, Album: War is the Answer, Songs: all
    3) Rise Against, Albums: Appeal to reason, The sufferer and the witness, Songs: All--"hero of war"
    4) Three Days Grace, Albums: One X, Life starts now, Songs: all
    5) Breaking Benjamin, Albums: Dear Agony, Phobia, Songs all

    Others I also love but for time sake wont list: Varying tunes by: 30 Seconds to Mars, Tech N9ne, Skillet, Shinedown, Linkin Park, Red, Crossfade, Chevelle, Distrubed, avenged sevenfold, august burns red,

  4. deathpunch



    for some reason old school big L gets me angry, something about thinking im gangster makes me lift heavier things

  5. The ghost inside / ke$ha / techno
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  6. Metallica of course. STP, System of the Down (Sugar makes me want throw the dumb bells through the mirror), Slipknot. I might tone it down a little bit when I am doing cardio.

  7. Slipknot, Mudvayne, and Hatebreed always get me going when I need a little extra push


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