TINY Gym... Need Some Help!!!

  1. TINY Gym... Need Some Help!!!

    I recently moved into an apartment for short term and the only gym available to me as of now is the one in the complex. It is not as bad as most apartment gyms, but is not what I am used to. I am a pretty intense lifter, usually train on a body building routine, but now I am coming to some time restrictions and weight restrictions. In this gym there is a smith machine thats pretty good, a bench press, universal machine, and dumbbells only up to 50 lbs. Im struggling with how I am going to work chest because I love benching heavy (close to 350 now, weighing 220) and doing heavy dumbbells, but I won't have a spotter or enough weight for one arm. Also, I can put the smith machine all the way to the top and use as a pull up bar, but thats about it. Any suggestions for my chest or back routines would be much appreciated.

  2. Just concentrate on how slow you do the reps, focus on flexing when you lift, Take good pauses and work the negatives. Hit the reps high since the weight is lower till you burn out. Since your not used to the small gym environment you may actually see good gains because you'll work out different then your used to. You can do explosive type movements also. The smith machine will be good for this. Don't neglect the calisthenics either.
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