Hack squats for mass

  1. Question Hack squats for mass

    Just started doing a leg routine beginning with hacks inplace of squats as my mass builder to let my lower back recupe abit as i went on one of those deadlift binges.So has anyone here experinced good gains in terms of quad developement while using these as their core compound movement?Also...is it true or a myth that hacks can really bring out the outer quad sweep and define the outer quad seperation with the hams? D-

  2. I feel hacks in my legs more than I do regular squats. They should build muscle in your legs just as well if not better than regular squats.

  3. I only do regular squats once a month other then that I do front squats and hack squats as my mass builders. I like hack squats because I can keep my keep my feet closer with out arching my back.

  4. yeah..i noticed that i feel them more as well over the reg squats...maybee has something to do with me being tall?

  5. i do hacks all the time but i do a really wide stance on the thing and its mainly a hamstring exercise for me. not a very good mass builder IME
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  6. could having your feet back further insted maybee take a lil of the hams out of the movent?I dont mean back too far to the danger zonr knee injury but enough to use more quad?

  7. Just put your feet closer together for more quad
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  8. what form of 'hacks' are you guys doing? mach or old skool (holding bar behind you) ?

  9. im using a machine, kinda like a leg press.
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  10. same here...machine

    oldschool looks like its brutel

  11. Is the hack squat really any different for your legs than hexbar deadlifts, or the same thing?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    im using a machine, kinda like a leg press.
    are you reclined (with a selector weight stack) at all or standing like: \ & add plates...?
    just curious....


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