push/pull/legs for advanced lifters

  1. push/pull/legs for advanced lifters

    i know a push/pull/legs split for beginners is a great way to get the ball rolling but what about more advanced lifters? ive settled for routines isolating muscle groups like back, chest, legs, shoulders on separate days for the past 2-3yrs. ive thought about a rotating spilt hitting each group twice in a little over a week but not sure if i would benefit from this like doing once a week/extended rest routine.


    anyone with experience have any suggestions?

  2. If you're really that advanced, then it's not even about the split; it's about periodization and other plateau breaking tricks.

  3. Do a light and heavy day.... 5x5 for compound lifts the first half of the week, then higher volume with higher rep ranges the second part of the week.

    Layne norton lays out somethin similar which he calls the power hypertrophy split

  4. At 25 ur body should recover fairly quickly, personally I do push pull legs push pull off repeat. Generally I really work one muscle group like on push I might start with shoulders and murder them while doing the chest and tris hard and the next push day I'll kill the chest. Also with such a non stop split I dont feel bad if once in awhile I don't mind missing a lift if something comes up

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