I just measured and I know my chest has been getting bigger, but its still very small. I'm 6'3" 200lbs with a 41" chest and 16.3" biceps. legs are small, didn't even want to measure them since i'm still recovering from a broken knee this fall, and I have about 11% BF. I'm really wanting to get a very athletic look and not a bodybuilding (more like the guys from p90x commercials lol) look before this summer and cut down some fat and get a six pack, but with a 41" chest, I'm wondering if this will look like crap?

so now I'm wondering what your advice would be until I cut, or if I should just cut now and bulk a little again before summer then cut again right before summer? and what kind of chest workout should i do/how often to put on some inches? I'm going to start a whole new routine in a couple weeks when i get to australia for a semester abroad. I'll have 120 days to change my body as much I can before summer! I also dont want to gain much fat while in australia though since I'll be on the beach all day there too.

anyone have any advice? I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow if I have time!