Please critique my new routine

  1. Please critique my new routine

    This is a Powerlifting/Olympic lifting routine I created. Im new to this but this is what Im gonna do:

    Monday: Back Squat: 2 WU sets, 5x5/3/3/1/1, Front Squats: 3x5, Wide Smith Machine Squats: 3x5. Leg Press 3x5, Super Set: Standing/Seated Calf raises 5x25

    Tuesday: Power Cleans: 5x5, Overhead Squat: 5x5, Clean Pulls to knees: 5x6 Press behind Neck: 5x6, Dumbbell Lateral Raisese: 3x10, Barbell Shrugs: 5x8

    Wednesday: Deadlift: Sumo 2 WU sets, 5x6/4/2/1/1, Normal 3x3, Partial Deadlifts: 5x5, Good Mornings 5x5, Lat Pulldowns: 5x8, Hyperextensions: 3x10

    Thursday: Power Snatch: 3x6, Push Press: 5x5, Front Squat: 5x5, Push Jerk: 5x5, Upright Rows: 3x8, Barbell Shrugs: 5x8

    Friday: Barbell Flat Bench: Normal 2 WU sets, 4x5/3/3/1/1, Wide 3x5/3/3, Close 3x10, Incline Barbell Bench: 5x5, Flat Dumbell Bench: 5x5

    Saturday: Clean and Jerk: 2 WU sets, 3x5, 3x1 max, Power Snatch: 2 WU sets, 3x3, 3x1 max, Clean Pulls: 5x5, Overhead Squat: 5x5, Barbell Shrugs:5x5

    Sunday: OFF

    This is what I came up with. Im open to criticism on this. Again Im new to this type of lifting. My goal is to develope explosive, brute strength.

  2. lol no responses to this.

  3. Here's a quick list of issues I see.

    1. Over training due to the high frequency of lower body movements.
    2. Behind the neck press and smith squats are both exercises that will greatly increase the risk of injuries
    3. Lack of balance beween anterior kinetic chain and posterior kinetic chain. Both the upper body and the lower body.
    4. Lack of core, stabilizer and fixator work.

    Next, do you want to be explosive or just strong? Strong means you can lift a significant amount of weight. Explosive means you can move a given amount of weight with a very high rate of accelleration.

    What are you training for?


  4. Six days a week is a bit much if you're training for strength, if you ask me. I'd either cut it down to 3-4 workouts a week or cut your volume significantly.

  5. Ok my goal is both; get stronger and be more explosive. Ill admit it is close to overtraining. I noticed for me to improve I gotta overwork areas so to speak. In Afganistan I would workout for sometimes 3 hours at a time and I made alot of gains. I should also add that in the morning I do cardio and abs. I run mon, wed, fri, bike tue, thu, sat, and swim mon-sat after lifting.

    But anyway Im new to this type of lifting so what would you all suggest? I cant get away from doing morning PT obviously since its required in the Army. But what would you suggest for my evening lifting?

  6. No offense, but if you can lift for three hours straight, you're doing it wrong. You need to cut down on the volume and way up on the intensity. Lift semi-heavy, but not heavy enough to kill your explosiveness, take short breaks, get out and rest. 45 min of lifting every other day will do what you need, especially considering the other stuff you're already doing.

  7. I think with the running as well it is going to be very difficult for your lower body to recovery. Also, theres a really good article in the latest strength and conditioning journal about over working the abdominals actually hurting weight lifting efficiency.

    Next, you need more hamstring and glute work. As well as more middle trap/rhomboid work.


  8. No I meant I lifted 3 hours in Afghanistan I dont do that now obviously. There I ate a ridiculous amount of calories due to the fact I did foot patrols everyday and I was trying to make up for it. That and the fact that our Dfac sucked so I stuck with MREs.

    But anyway what you all are saying is I need more rest and more assistance exercises right? I should also add that my strong point is legs, Ive always been able to build legs no matter what. Im guessing its genetics or something. Also Im not lifting heavy on the olympic exercises exept for the Clean and Jerk. Im mainly working on technique.

    I would appreciate you guys tweaking the schedule I have with suggestions or even links to routines.

  9. Here's an idea to start with:

    Mon: Cleans, snatch ancillary (over head squats), rumanian deadlifts, pull ups

    Tue: Bench press + bench ancillary (incline, horizontal rows, facepulls, rotator cuff work)

    Wed: Squat focus + squat ancillary (lunge, glute-hip bridges,

    Thur: Off

    Fri: Jerk + jerk ancillaries (push press, lateral raises, rotator cuff work, etc.)

    Sat: Hang power snatch, clean pulls, front squats, barbell rows off floor, rear delt work, hamstring accessory work (swiss ball leg curls, glute ham raises etc.)



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