Bicep Injury

  1. Bicep Injury

    about 4 weeks ago i was lifting something in the same fashion as shruging a barbell. i felt a pop in the lower inside portion of my right bicep. i didnt immediatly lose strength (i tested by lifting a light weight) but felt a tightness and soreness in the area where the "pop" occured. thinking it was a tendon tear, i went to the doc the next day and he felt a small lump in the area and ordered an mri the next week. the results came back as inconclusive, the tendons looked fine. i took it easy for another week and tried to slowly get back into a routine. at first everything was fine but this week i cant lift nearly as much as before without a sharp pain in the problem area of the bicep. could this be a strain? i have a chronic pain in my right shoulder that has bothered for months now but subsides within 30min of working out. i lift heavy, practice good form, and have never had an injury like this before.
    sorry for the long story but i HATE being out of the gym and the 3 wks off for this injury is the longest ive taken in 5yrs. please help i need some advice

  2. If you keep lifting without out letting it heal completely, it will be sore forever, everytime you lift youll feel it, for the rest of your weight-lifting life. I would give it 90 days off from all weights.

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