Daaaayyyuuummm. My legs haven't been this sore in years.

I came across this from Dr. Jim Stoppani on youtube. He knows his shyte.

Goal is to reach 70 reps in whatever number of sets it takes.

First set is for 19-20 reps. It's gotta be a pain to reach 20. You hit 21 reps weight is too light.

So you do the first set for 20 reps.

Rest 2 mins.

Set 2: Get as many reps as you can (at the same weight as 1st set). Probably around 14 reps.

Rest 2 mins.

Set 3:Go to failure again, probably reaching 12 reps.

Rest 2 mins.

So on and so on until you hit 70 reps total. It took me 5 sets I think for chest yesterday.

This has helped me get thru my current plateau. Be warned, you will be sore.
I did find myself wanting to start before the 2 mins were up, but you'll be burning by that 70th rep.

Try it if things have become stale. You still do the same number of exercises
as younormally do.