A "PROVEN" program

  1. A "PROVEN" program

    I've been down this type of diet road before in 1992 and let me tell you that Bobo's plan is almost exactly what I did at the Nutritionalysis program at Gold's gym in Venice. Bobo's is more advance due to the progress made in 14 years concerning GI. I went from 148 to 182 and stayed at 8% bf in 3.5 months. Gaining and cutting is almost the same program. I've done both and it works. If you can stick it out and do EXACTLY what the program calls for you will win.

    Your diet schedule is regimented for a reason. When you really get down in the low bf %, ONE slip up on ONE meal WILL make the difference. I got down to 6% and followed my plan exactly except for one night and BOOM the next week I was back at 8%. Your mind will play tricks on you such as the following:

    1st week: Wow this really isn't that bad.

    2nd week: Man, this 12 grain bagel really wouldn't taste like cardboard if I could just put some butter on it.

    3rd week: Do I REALLY NEED to force that meal down my throat?

    4th week: The chicken tastes like tuna and the tuna still tastes like tuna.

    5th week: Holy **** even my protein shakes taste like ****.

    6th week: Results really hit home, pride overcomes.

    7th week: Mistakes are costly, don't screw up

    8th week: You know you’ve won when you go out and eat at your favorite restaurant and your favorite meal really doesn't taste that great, you then go home and open a great tasting can of tuna. NOT!!

    Live by this motto and you will not fail:

  2. thanks for the pep talk Bert. It is great to hear from someone who has already suffered through this anguish and had excellent results to show for it.

  3. I guess I'm just twisted because I don't mind these foods. I have been eating most of these for years, just not in the particular order and amounts that Bobo has setup for me. I do hit my saturation point on eggs & tuna but everything else I look forward to. Man up girls!

  4. I'm just a whiner, dont mind me! It's not that I dont like these foods. Its just that I dont like them as much as milkshakes!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by pestis
    I'm just a whiner, dont mind me! It's not that I dont like these foods. Its just that I dont like them as much as milkshakes!
    Milkshake!?! now you're talking!



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