1. Stretching

    hey guys i didnt know where to write this thread but every once in awhile i get knots in my traps and rhomboids and i have extensive warmups + dynamic and after lift static stretching.. i throw daily.. and i hesitiate to workout upper back because of these knots in my left side..

    i heat/foamroll and tennis ball/golf ball roll and i was just wondering if anyone had any tips for remedies to ease the forming of knots??

    thx dudes!

  2. i know someone has to have had this problem on this forum

  3. I don't know what you can necessarily to do prevent some of these knots. You are doing the right things it seems. The only other thing you might consider is getting a back knobber. It's a big s-shaped piece of plastic that you can use to dig the knots out of your own back. You can also try contracting and relaxing the target muscle while you are putting pressure on the knot.

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