Amount of Cardio Needed while Bulking/Cutting

  1. Amount of Cardio Needed while Bulking/Cutting

    Does anyone know how much cardio is needed in a "typical" bulking or cutting phase for someone wanting to compete in bodybuilding?

    I know this can differ from person to person and from goal to goal but what would be the average? Most info out there just says "do cardio x days for x minutes" but does not specify whether that is for bulking or in what stage of cutting.

  2. Or what intensity or what mode or if its interval/steady state, high intensity/low intensity, etc. And what about the individual specificity: resting metabolic rate, thermogenic effect of food, post exercise O2 consumption, nutrient partitioning rates, g-flux, etc.

    And you know what else, why the hell is the sky blue?


  3. Well I was mainly interested in the amount of cardio while bulking. Cutting seems to increase the longer a cut continues. I can feel myself getting more out of breath as I get bigger so I need cardio for my heart but without cutting to much into gains.

    I have all the time in the world to get whatever cardio is needed done. I just want to do it right.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by chamulan View Post

    I have all the time in the world to get whatever cardio is needed done. I just want to do it right.
    Then you should take all the time you need to get your cardio right for you

  5. Bulking you need zero cardio. Cutting youll need atleast some depending on your diet and natural metabolism

  6. In my opinion, you should always stress your cardiorespiratory system for health related reasons. There are too many variables to give a precise answer, but for weightloss it's going to be a function of caloric intake versus expenditure.

  7. Agreed.

    And even if you have absolutely no concerns about health, a few bouts of high intensity interval training on a weekly basis will maintain a higher concentration of oxidizing enzymes, creating a more positive nutrient partitioning state and making it easier to decrease body fat when the time comes.



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