HST Question...

  1. HST Question...

    I have been doing back to back to back to back training cycles of 5/3/1 and a modified GVT that I do. Thinking about doing some HST for a while to change things up. As hard as it will be for me to only do a few sets a bodypart every 48 hours, I absolutely believe in the science of progressive overload. I am wondering if instead of MWF I could so something more along the lines of just EOD over and over? Like M,W,F,SU,T,TR,SA so on? or is the 2 day off period necessary for your cns during this training?

    My workouts will consist of the following if I choose to do this:

    (few warm up sets at beginning of squat,bench,dead)

    2 sets front squat 2 sets incline dumbells
    2 sets side laterals
    2 sets face pulls
    2 sets seated rows
    2 sets deadlifts
    2 sets hammer curls
    2 sets v bar pushdown
    2 sets calf raises

    On off days I would do something along the lines of 30 minutes of a 4.0 mph pace at a 4.0 incline treadmill walking. I would also do abs on off days, along with myofascial release and stretching. I am considering either doing 15/10/5 or 12/8/4 however in the long run I don't really think it makes a big difference lol. One thing I am curious about is so lets say I can do 225x12 on bench. For my current warm up I usually do the barx10, 95x5, 135x5, 185x5 then into my work sets. Is that going to add to many sets if I warm up that way with bench squat and deadlift?

  2. 59 views and no replies? Ahh yes..now I remember..that's why I usually choose to use better forums.

  3. I guess you have to ask yourself exactly why you are wanting to do the program. Change just for the sake of change is rarely good. Why all the hopping and alternating between programs? 5/3/1 is meant to be a long-term training approach and has enough flexibility that you can make some changes and still stay within the parameters of the program. If what you have been doing is working, then keep doing it.
    As far as the HST I can't give you much specific insight as I've not really ever dealt with that program. I would recommend you do it as written as it is probably set-up that way for a reason. For warm-ups, do whatever is necessary to be ready for your work sets without tiring yourself out.

  4. IMO you need to have full confidence in your routine and that it will help you gain otherwise you will not benefit from it. If you feel that you need to change it up than go for it but make sure that you are informed on the new program and believe in it. Unfortunately i do not know much for the HST program but many people on here do. Also i feel that 25 reps before your core lifts could be a little high but if thats what you need to be loose than so be it, just watch out for muscular fatigue. Good luck with which ever program you choose.

  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I have decided to not do hst because I am making consistent gains alternating 531 and gvt back to back. Ha ya I do A LOT of warm ups but that's what I have found works well for me to prevent injuries.



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