wow he lost 12 pounds in 3 4 weeks !

  1. wow he lost 12 pounds in 3 4 weeks !

    Hey guys

    My gym buddy used to be 195lb, I remember he went on scale and was 195 around 3 4 weeks ago

    we went to the gym last night and he was 182... and we thought the scale was wrong so he went on another scale and he was the same weight LOL HE GOTTTTTT PISSED and now he texts me that he is depressed haha

    I don't really know if he has got smaller since I see him everyday but how the hell did that happen ? Could it be water weight ?

    Can he put the weight back like muscle memory stuff ?

  2. was he using any supplements. If he has been going to the gym regularly then thats what I will suspect. If thats the case if he keeps working at it he will get it back but it will be the real stuff. Or he is not eating right. in that cash he needs to fix his diet.

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