Worst form I've ever seen

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  1. I lol'd.... I actually didn't think he was gonna make the rep on the deadlift, it took him like 1min. You have to give it to him for not giving up.

    the hammer curls was funny as hell

  2. is this dude for real? or is there some kinda underlying joke im missin out on here *scratchin head*

  3. Quote Originally Posted by bashman View Post
    I lol'd.... I actually didn't think he was gonna make the rep on the deadlift, it took him like 1min. You have to give it to him for not giving up.

    the hammer curls was funny as hell
    Yea I will give him credit for trying but thats it. Why he is not in the hospital I dont know. Well lifting like that he probably is.I thought he was going to eat pavement on the curl in the road. I also wounder what the person in the car was thinking and how hard they was laughing.

  4. LOL, lifting in the road

  5. Awful video, but such a badass song. Hatebreed, FTW!!
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  6. The first dude did say in the beggining of the video 480 deadlift(hitched) so he knows it wasn't clean.

  7. Just watched the second video. He appears to be strong but needs some guidance. Either that or the dude made the video for a joke. Why else would he be lifting on the street.

  8. He's actually cleaned up his technique a good bit since his early videos. He has done a handful of powerlifting meets with a respectable total in his weight class.

  9. I see this all the time in about every gym. people have some serious mental issues.

  10. His curl was like a bent row/hyper extension/deadlift. He needs to do some rack pulls and get that lock out down. I feel no need to watch the second video...i have seen enough of this *ss clown,

  11. Funny how the first guy's T-bar row slowly creeps forward. And he has to readjust himself every time.

  12. eh I've seen worse. I did think he was going to poop half way up though
    Comic Sans makes me feel gangsta

  13. Dude has actually improved markedly from those videos. There are a few on the net of his powerlifting meets and he looks in much better shape. We all start somewhere I suppose, however I will qualify that statement with; it takes a minimal amount of intelligence to research briefly the proper and commonly acceptable methodology for lifting heavy. This was the polar opposite and what's worse it was video taped and glorified. I especially enjoy how he walks around arms out legs wide as if he is the most jacked and tan dude on the planet. I never understood that. I try to be humble and stick to my business in the gym. There is always someone who is out there driving me to get bigger and stronger.

    ...And your avi is eh... very nice 2k1s.

  14. retard strength man lol the lucky ones have it

  15. @Drinkboy

    If that weight was any heavier his back would have snapped like a glowstick.

  16. Actually, I'm impressed. A guy that scrawny with form that bad pulls 480?

    Heart. He's got it.

    You can teach technique, I teach technique everyday. You can't teach heart. If I knew that kid, I'd tell him to come train at my gym for free, and I'd just coach the hell out of him till his technique was absolutely perfect. It'd probably add 100 pounds to his deadlift just to do it correctly.

  17. That was 155.. unless I'm missing something!

  18. omg get that fing hump out of your back! crap is pissin me off. still a little impressive that he can lift it up.

  19. Hahaha! Awesome videos, Derick. This should be shown to all the newcomers to weightlifting for what NOT to do.

    - If you wanna just lift heavy things, go find some big rocks or furniture or something. There's a reason people created the proper form and technique, and it's not just for safety. Speaking of safety...I actually cringed a few times waiting for this dude to tear something. Nonetheless, I agree with bashman - the hammer curls in the first video were funny as hell. The funniest thing is that I've seen that exact same "technique" over and over again!!
    until now. yup I put money on every game too. excuse me while i go drink myself smart.

  20. oh gosh..

  21. diesel weasel is actually a legit deadlift competitor now. He's corrected the form issues, and I believe he is actually going for or holding a couple world records for his weight class.

  22. He got great grip strength for his size.. His form is bad, but not that bad, except for his curls.. I havent seen anyone deadlift 500lbs with great form..


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