Good Walking/running shoes

  1. Good Walking/running shoes

    I'd like a good pair of running shows, that aren't too expensive and that look decent. My Earth shoes are wore out and I was looking for something cheaper around $50-$60 and that looks decent. The only shoes I'm currently wearing is converse with flat soles. I want shoes that are good for walking.running and aren't ugly lol

  2. Asics. They may be a little above your price range (look for last years models if you can,) but they're my running shoe of choice. If you can find some 'gel fortitude 3's those would probably be a good price now that the 4s are out. It's not like we're reinventing the wheel every year.
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  3. asics are legit. i love them for running

  4. If you're just out jogging then I'd look into Nike Free's or the New Balance minimus.

    the problem with heavily cushioned running shoes (as discussed per adnausium else where) is the change in gait causing a longer stride, heel strike, and greater impact throughout the body.

    As seen:

    Check this site out for more information/reccomendations:


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