Deload Workout - Thought's, Opinions, and Suggestions please!

  1. Deload Workout - Thought's, Opinions, and Suggestions please!

    Hey Everyone,
    I currently do 6 weeks of 5/3/1, followed by 4 weeks of a modified version of gvt that I do that involves no deads, back squats, or flat benching.. I do a deload with the 5/3/1 workout as laid out with the program, however I want to do a deload between my gvt and 5/3/1. My plan is as follows:
    - Finish GVT workout on Saturday.
    - Rest Sunday.
    - On MWF do pushups, inverted rows, bodyweight squats, lunges, light face pulls or pull aparts,
    YTWL's, and a token amount of abs.
    - My main question is I need suggestions for sets/rep schemes for this deload.

    I am at a army school right now adding another MOS so I also run MW and do bodyweight
    Bs T,TR which I usually half ask because I find most of the exercises garbage.
    Anywho, what y'all think?

  2. It's a deload week, so it doesn't really matter that much. The only real guideline is that it shouldn't be anywhere near failure and shouldn't be very taxing. Provided you meet those guidelines, sets and reps are fairly irrelevant for a deload week.

  3. The main point of deloading is give your muscles a break and recover while not letting it be cold for a long period of time (weeks). Just don't go to max.

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