Kudos to Bobo

  1. Kudos to Bobo

    Just got my customized deluxe weightloss program from Bobo...and man I've just got to say, Bobo is on top of things! When I need him he's there. Real prompt in returning ALL my questions, emails, and PM's --lickedy split! Hat's off to the (ex)clown!

  2. Man that great to hear,Can't wait till i get my cash together!!

  3. Officially starting the program this Sunday...will keep you all updated.

  4. You are right on the money Stryder! Bobo has definately put a lot of time into this. The detail of my program is amazing and I can see that he had my goals and best interests in mind while formulating it. Every step of the startup process has happened faster than promised and Bobo has taken tons of time to answer all my constant questions.
    Any of you bro's who are frustrated (like I have been recently) not knowing how to take your bodybuilding to the next level, I highly recommend checking into one of Bobo's Programs.
    Hailz to all,

  5. Thanks a lot guys. I have worked hard in giving you the best program I can. We will let the results speak for themselves
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