Weighted vest

  1. Weighted vest

    I am trying to decide on a good max weight to get. Currently I am looking at 70lbs but really in the back of my mind thinking the 120. I am thinking the 120 might be more than I will ever need, but at the same time I dont want to invest big bucks in a 70lb one and realize I need more. It would be for:

    -Planks and still movents
    -Body-weight exercises of all kinds of varieties.

  2. Most vests will allow you to remove some of the weights from the vest if you needed to lower the weight. I would suggest finding one that you can remove the weights and go for the 120, that way you will always have that opportunity to add weight when the workout calls for it. This will also allow you to adjust the weight depending on what exercise you are doing. Thats just my opinion on it. Good luck

  3. The 70 pounds of SAPI plates while deployed was plenty for myself. hell, i wasnt even working out with the armor on, instead just wearing it day to day and found my traps exponentially larger at the end of the deployment! Of course leg strength went up without even trying.
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  4. Nice I am liking the sound of these vests

    All posts are for entertainment purposes only.

    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:

  5. About the Vest, I am also looking to invest in one.

    1. Did you get it and how do you like it?
    2. Can you wear weighted vest everyday or is it like training off and on?

    past 6 months been busting ass at work, havnt had much time to work out like I use to! I wanna go on a strength training and tone up off what extra i put on..

    What i wanted is just to wear it at work put hoody on over it. now my only concern is working on concrete all day and is the vest only good for hour or so and just take it off?



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