5 day split

  1. 5 day split

    hows it going everyone?
    Coming up in dec im going to be starting my first cycle with 6 weeks of hdrol and I want to knock it out of the park. I have everything set up with diet and pct and supports for now.
    But im still trying to optimize my routine. Im going to be doing P/RR/S and doin a 5 day split and working out is pretty much going to be my main focus for 10 weeks. I have two splits im stuck between and looking for some advice. One option would be...
    W: off
    Th: Chest/Calve
    F: Back/Ham with deadlift
    S: delt/traps
    Sun: off
    The 2nd option=
    T: back with deadlift and forearms
    W: off
    Th: Delts/tris
    S: bis/traps
    With the 1st routine i feel i can work my legs better which need work as well as delts more. With second routine i feel i might get better recovery.
    Let me know what u guys think and im open for suggestions.Thanks

  2. monday - shoulders/traps
    tues - legs with deadlifts
    wed - off
    thursday - back/biceps
    friday - chest/triceps
    weekend off
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