Help my three day split...5/3/1

  1. Help my three day split...5/3/1

    I am wanting to get bigger again. I'm 5'10 at 202lbs but I have about 15-18 percent fat. The last 6lbs were probally just fat and should fall off easy because I stopped lifting for about a month (it was suppose to be a recovery week) I want to do a 5/3/1 that should add alot of size and strength and even cut some fat hopefully. Can someone please write out a 5/3/1 and te exercises and the lift range. I know I'm asking alot of someone on here but please take 5 min ad write down a good split. Prefebly a 5/3/1 or whatever trying to be functionally strong as well as big.


  2. The link listed above is decent. T-nation has also run a series of articles with Jim Wendler about 5/3/1 where he gives some basics about the program and answers some questions, so that is another place to look. If you want the best information go to the elitefts site and buy the e-book for $20 and you will get everything you need including 2, 3, and 4 day a week training versions as well as how select and incorporate assistance work and how to include conditioning in your program.
    As far as your goals, you need to pick fat loss or strength gain as your primary goal and emphasize it more. You need to do lifting and conditioning, but which one you put a greater emphasis on depends on your primary goal.

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