HELP critique my routine

  1. HELP critique my routine

    Hey guys, appreciate any advice you guys can give me. Im coming off of a 5x5 program and going to do a 4 day split. Heres what I was thinking,

    Mon - Back and Calves
    Bent over rows
    Seated cable rows

    Seated calf extensions

    Tue - Chest and Bis
    Flat bench press
    Incline bench press
    DB Flys

    DB curls
    Incline curls
    preacher curls

    Thr - Legs, traps and forearms
    Leg press

    BB shrugs

    Forearms work

    Fri - Delts and Tris
    Military press
    Lat Raise
    bent over raise


    Thank you guys for helping me tweak this split!

  2. i'd switch tues + fri, and also do deadlifts first for back, and either do the flat or incline as dbs instead of bb.

  3. don't you feel like your biceps are sore when you go to train them since you did back just the day before? I dunno for me I find that when I hit back hard my biceps are sore for like 3-4 days before I can train them again

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