I am over training?

  1. I am over training?

    I have a lower than normal testosterone level, and I have been alot about how over training can lower your testosterone.

    I am trying to figure out if I am over training, and if yes, if it is enough to lower my t levels.

    About me
    200 pounds
    Maybe 12 percent body fat
    I eat well.
    43 resting heart beat

    I was a college swimmer and I was also swimmer in high school, so I am use to working out constantly. Basically everyday day of the week, regardless as to whether I am tired or a little bit sick. I have been lifting for several years, but for the last two years or so I have barely gained any mass or strength. Although cardiovasculary I am getting better and better. I have not missed a daily workout in atleast five months, maybe longer, sometimes I feel like I have a workout disorder.

    Heres is a typical week

    Monday, Weds, Fri, Sun
    Run 3 miles, Swim 2 miles

    Tuesday, Thurs, Sat --- the actually lifting takes about an hour
    Run 3 miles
    bench 3 sets at 185 205 and 225
    Regular pull ups 3 sets
    Military pull ups 3 sets
    Dead lifts 3 sets 205 225 225
    Military Press with Free weights, 45 per arm, 50, 50
    Bend over rows, 60 per arm, 3 sets
    Shoulder raises, 3 sets, 25, 25, 30
    Star jumpers, 3 sets of 10
    Dips at own body weight, 3 sets of 15
    Power Cleans 3 sets at 135 135 155
    Occasionally Rock climbing after workout

    I know I probably do too much...but is it way too much? Are my t-levels affected?

    I would like to get stronger and bigger, but honestly those aren't my biggest concern, mainly I just want my t levels to get higher so I stop having symtoms of low t.

  2. Yes I would say that you are overtraining. Doing 30 sets everyday for 7 days isn't going to get you to grow...

    Remember that you grow outside the gym, and not inside. What you do and eat outside of the gym affects what you do inside...working out is the easiest part, it's diet followed by proper rest that's the tough part.

    You may not feel tired, but that doesn't mean you are not spinning your wheels...which is exactly what you are doing. By working out, you put your body under stress, and by resting, you allow your body to recover and get stronger to prepare itself for a similar amount of stress, and as a result you will grow.

    With what you are doing, however, you're body is just struggling to keep up and uses all resources to just maintain...rather than grow.

    Ps your diet and sleep also greatly affect your T levels
    P-Mag + P-Stanz Log

  3. You're running 7 days a week, swimming 3 days, and lifting 4 days every week. That's why you're feeling rundown. There's no way to tell if you have low testosterone without a blood test. You may feel the way you do simply due to your excessive training volume or low testosterone or both. The only way to remedy either one is to get on a more reasonable training program. The reason you aren't gaining any strength or size is due to your excessive endurance work. You have to pick one goal or the other if you want to make progress. If you want to gain some strength and size you will have to put your endurance work on maintenance mode. Also focus on a handful of big lifts such as SQ, DL, bench, military press, rows, and pull-ups and work on getting stronger at those lifts.

  4. I think you're doinga lot, but that's a lot compared to my stanards. But it sounds like you're overdoing it so I'd definitely take a break and not do much for a few days (5-7 days). I just went on a break from months of lifting and it felt great coming back. Then lower your volume and see how you respond.

    It's trail and error.

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