My Complete Workout. please critique and let me know what you think

  1. My Complete Workout. please critique and let me know what you think

    first of all i wanna think all of my bros for reading this. i am hopin to gain some knowl;edge as i only know just enough to get me in trouble and confused.

    Some Stats:

    Ht: 72"
    Wt: 220
    Bench: 300
    Squat: 375ish
    CL-1 Chest press: 375
    Barbell Shrug: 320

    i can supply more if needed.....

    my workout is as follows.

    Monday: (chest)
    Flat Bench Press
    Flat Dumbbell Flyes
    Close Grip Bench Press
    Incline Dumbbell Press
    Pec/Delt Fly machine

    Tuesday: (legs)
    Leg Presses
    Leg Curl
    Leg extension
    Stiff-Leg Deadlifts
    Goblet squats
    Standing Calf Raises

    Thursday: (back, biceps)
    Barbell Curls
    Close EZ Bar Curls
    Preacher Curl
    Barbell shrug
    Bent-over Barbell Rows

    Rear Shrugs
    Dumbbell Rows
    Behind-The-Neck Pulldowns

    Friday: (chest, triceps)
    Scull Crushers
    Tricep Pushdowns
    Flat Bench Press
    Incline Dumbbell Press
    Incline Bench Press
    Decline bench press

    Also.. everyday or at least most days do a little cardio and some Ab work outs before or after.

    If i could have some honest "educated" opinions of my workout i would sure appreciate it.

    I currently take Animal Stak and Animal Cuts as well. anybody have anything at all to say about these products? i love em!!!

    Thank yall for readin!

  2. What are you trying to achieve with this? Hypertrophy, strength, power, training for a sport?

    At first glance I notice a few problems. First, there is an imbalance between pushing and pulling work. You do not have enough pulling work.
    Second, there is no work dedicated to the vertical plane of the upper body. No pull ups or over head presses.
    Finally, there is an imbalance in anterior to posterior kinetic chain work in the lower body. Ie: too much quad and hip flexor (your ab work) work, and too little ham string and glute work.

    Lastly, there is no ancillary/fixator/stabilizer work: no abductor work, no rotator cuff work, no scapula depressor work, etc.


  3. If you want to do the normal split type of lifting, it is a common method that does bring results. However, I think it is the worst of the major programs. I've decided myself that it is better to go with a proven routine or modify one a bit than develop one yourself. What I like is...

    1) 5x5 full body workouts with mostly compound movements, or another rep range (3x3, 3x5, 10x10 for instance)

    2) CrossFit

    3) Using German volume training, DC, HST, but changing between them every few months to avoid stagnation and boredom

    You can do a custom split as well, but I think you're unbalanced right now, favoring push exercises. I think a 300 lb bench press should have a 400+ lb shrug or 250 lb row. Again, if you look for a proven routine you will have a lot less thinking and a lot better results. I love the bill Starr 5x5, and I'm about your height and have similar lifting stats, just a bit lighter.

  4. In Response here. i am just realy trying to gain as much strength as possible.
    thank you both for your replys.

    Zir Red... do you think you can copy and paste my workout and then make corrections adding some Pulling workouts to my routine. or add anything realy that you feel would make it a well balance.
    if so please do that and either paste it back on here or you can email it back to me [email protected]
    and if not.. i know that is asking a lot from a stranger, and there is no hard feelings.

  5. If you're after strength, go here.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys




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