strengthening connective tissue only.

  1. strengthening connective tissue only.

    Is this even possible? I know connective tissue naturally strengthens via lifting heavy, but is there a way to increase the rate of connective tissue strengthening in relation to muscle strength as a preventative safety measure to a PH cycle where over-training is more commonplace than w/o PH's?

  2. There aren't really any proven ways to isolate connective tissue. You just have to be smart and not overdo things if you do a PH cycle.

  3. Ah, okay. Thanks. That's what I thought, but wanted to make sure.

  4. Very slow eccentric contractions are the only way to really strengthen the connective tissue.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. To go along with what Rodja said, if you use accommodating resistance or overload techniques regularly you can build up that strength a little quicker but you still have to be smart about it. One thing that always helped me personally was using reverse bands for my main movements so that I am holding a supermaximal weight at the top of the movement but as I lower the bar the weight begins to deload to a point where I may be only handling 85-90% of my max in the bottom position of the lift. Depending on your strength levels and experience you probably only want to go about 10% over you current max when utilizing this technique and you don't want to do it for extended periods of time because you will lose some of the effect with prolonged use.

  6. One thing Ive done recently is to really get a good warm up for a my rotator cuffs when working out chest, back, and shoulders. I always do a few sets of rotator cuff exercises to warm up and strengthen the delicate rotator cuff muscles.

    Overall the best thing for connective tissue in general is good form and making sure your warmed up before going heavy.

  7. No access to resistance bands, but I do get proper warm-up before going heavy.


  8. Quote Originally Posted by gaijininjapan View Post
    No access to resistance bands, but I do get proper warm-up before going heavy.

    You dont need the bans. Sure bans or cables or better but you can use smaller dumbbells for rotator cuff exercises.


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