HST training opinions from experience?

  1. HST training opinions from experience?

    I am stagnated / burnout on a four day split. Have been pushing harder and harder but seem to really have CNS burnout etc. Have tried a few weeks off but still burnt. Size gains have come to a halt with or without aas.

    I have toyed with the idea of trying a standard 15/10/6 HST workout. I just hesitate because it seems like I wouldnt be doing enough work lol. Have any of you applied the standard 15/10/6 method and had good results for size? I dont care losing some strenght I strictly want size gains.

    I am thinking it might be a nice "recomp" workout.


  2. It is certainly enough work. As long as you get the weights right it is plenty of work, and if youve been training 3x6-8 rep type stuff the 15 reps destroys you. It works well with cutting/recomping, but don't mistake it for easy.

  3. I use this method when i feel burnt out,do it for 4 weeks you will feel better after those 4 weeks!!

  4. i hated it because i never got as sore as im used to, didnt see any gains, and i lost strength cause i need a higher volume that what is in HST. but many other ppl say it does wonders for them. what i do when i plateau is either 5x5 or change up my rep range for a little bit
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