need a new routine

  1. need a new routine

    I need a new routine ive stopped gaining strength and mass. Truth is ive been doing this routine and ive stopped having any sort of gains. I usually do a 3 day split chest and bi's together Legs's and Triceps together and then Back and Shoulders and Traps together.

    I usually do sets of 6-8 15-20 sets per day usually Never really do arms consistently to be honest. I have a bad diet right now too so that kinda doesn't help my issue of gaining of muscle. But i dorm at college so its very hard to get any sort of protein when i need it. Protein shakes cost way to much for me to keep taking every time i need it plus i dont have Milk at my disposal so my question is Food wise im going to be commuting next semester.

    So in your opinions whats the best Workout Routine i could switch to until summer strength means nothing to me to be honest i can bench 335 and i get no excitement out of that and i use to squat 495 for 3 lifting extremely heavy in my opinion does nothing but cause injury to people so let me know what you think. is it possible to get big by doing higher reps and doing super sets?


  2. read the other threads ppl have started asking the same question. ppl ask this all the time. ive posted many routines on this site. check em out. as far as protein, spend 40 bucks and u get 77 servings of 100% whey protein. go to walmart, buy a bag of pre made chicken breast and cook them, takes 10 min to cook and its only like 6 bucks for a bag of 10 breast i think. i usually only do supersets on arms but thats my take on those. ur not gaining cause ur not eating. eating is whats gonna make ur gains continue to grow. heres an example workout

    Mon - shoulders/traps
    Tues - legs with deadlifts
    wed off
    thurs - chest and tris
    friday - back and bis with deadlifts
    weekend off
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