Starting first 5x5 program prior to cycle

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    Starting first 5x5 program prior to cycle

    24 Y/O male 5'10 ~163 lbs. I have always gone the gym 5 days a week with different muscle groups every day. For example; Monday would be chest, Tuesday back, Wednesday Tri, Thursday Bi, Friday legs. I've done this for about a year and a half just kind of ****ing around in the gym and while I have gotten alot stronger from when I started and have noticed improvement, I have not gained like some of the people in the picture section of this site.

    This makes me think I need to change to a 5x5 compound exercise program. I was thinking of following this program ( bodybuilding dot com/fun/wotw56.htm ). After I have gotten used to the motions and exercises (probably 2 weeks into it) I will begin my H-drol cycle. (already have 2 bottles of h-drol, PCT assist, Cycle assist, supress-c, inhibit-e ) .

    Does this sound like a good idea? Any suggestions on other training programs? The only thing that has me a bit worried is the lack of certain exercies, like chest for example. Only weighted chest dips on Tuesday and incline bench on Friday...

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    you asked so im assuming u want honesty from us. honestly, this sounds like a terrible idea. at 163, u gain make gains NATURALLY. and if uve been on the same workout routine for over a year, that is a HUGE problem. and btw, your PCT is crap also. u need nolva or something like that. anyways, how much are u eating a day? i promise you this. lets say u gain 8 pounds on Hdrol. you would be up to 171. the way you are eating right now, u prob are only eating enough to sustain your 163. (correct me if im wrong though). if u get up to 171, and still eating like 163, very quickly will u go back down to 160s. its not worth it unless u are an experienced lifter and you truly know how to eat and train

    but to answer your question, this is what i would do.

    Mon - Shoulders/traps
    Tues - Legs (squats, deads, leg press, leg extension)
    Wed - OFF
    Thursday - Chest/tris
    Friday - Back/Bis (with deadlifts)
    weekend OFF
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