Gold's vs. 24 Hour?

  1. Gold's vs. 24 Hour?

    I've been going to Gold's for the last 5 years, and have been very unsatisfied(that's what she said). The weights are always scattered and broken, the staff are rude and unhelpful, and the amount of douchey patrons is at an all time high. Is 24 hour any better? It's a bit further, but I'm willing to make the trip for a better atmosphere?

    I go to 3 seperate Gold's, pretty much the same situation at everyone.


  2. The best way to figure this out would be to give the gym a visit and see if it's the place for you.

    I've never been into a big franchise gym, but personally they sound horrible.

  3. The best gyms are privately owned, they just seem to care about their equipment more.

    I've been going to 24 hour for the last 2 years just because I need the late hours from time to time. Mine actually expires in a couple weeks, then I am going to go back to LA Fitness for a little while. Then probably jump back to 24.

    I like to switch it up here and there.
    I get sick of going to the same gym.

    Anyways, if you like 24 go to Costco and you can get a 2 year pass for 299
    Can't beat that...

  4. Sorry, forgot to talk about 24 ha.
    Ya my gym is nice, I will list the cons.

    It has everything I need minus one back movement and one shoulder movement machine.

    The universal machines get a little shaky at times (bolts aren't solid) when you go heavy.

    The single hand grips aren't solid, the part you grip "rotates", hard to explain. I need a solid grip, not some bar in the middle that rolls 360.

    People, well the people are people. You get good ones and bad ones every where.

    Check it out though...I'd take it over LA or Ballys anyday.

  5. Yeah I got a week free pass on 24's website, i'm gonna try it out this week. I'll be checkin costco to get my pass if i decide to make the switch.


  6. I've had memberships at countless clubs and sadly Gold's currently as it's the only gym around Auburn that's decent. I saw LA Fitness as previously mentioned. I have a membership there also and by far without a doubt the best gym I've ever worked out at as far as equipment, availability, population are concerned for standard exercise. Olympic Weight Lifting, Coffee's Gym in Georgia is by far the best in the south east.

  7. ive been to 24. i currently go to LA fitness. the only thing about big gyms i hate is its always crowded around 5 to 7 PM
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