re-vamped workout routine + question

  1. re-vamped workout routine + question

    alright, i post on here frequently with questions, and my work out routines...

    well i'm trying something new, and would like to know if it sounds good to you guys. Im slowly figuring things out and what works best, and how much nutrition and diet are starting to effect things.

    my routine as of now is something along the lines of

    monday: chest ( 18 sets, pyramiding reps starting at 12 working till 8 )
    triceps ( 9 sets, same pyramid rep style )

    tuesday: Back ( 18 sets, same pyramid style )
    biceps ( 9 sets, always have a hammer, and decline hammer, then a complex exercise either 21's or buddy's, then finishing with either cable iso's, or preachers )

    wensdays: shoulders ( 9 sets, pyramid style )
    legs ( 16 sets, pyramid style )

    thursday: off

    friday: core, forearms, and cardio ( varies exercises )

    sat: off

    sun: off

    so does that sound like a good work out? ALSO i was thinking of working bi's twice a week, either on thursday, or friday because they could be a little bigger then they are not going for bulk just shape and better looking.

    thanks for your time

  2. I have a couple of suggestions.

    First, 3 days of hard work in a row, followed by 4 off days. I think it would be better if you went mon, wed, fri with the big work, leaving the other days for rest or active recovery or ancillary training.

    Second, the amount of sets you are doing for different muscles.

    Your chest is one muscle composed of two heads. It is given 18 sets of work
    Your back is many muscles, lets say 2 major muscles in the upper back: lats and trapezius. And it recieves the same amount of work as your chest?
    Your lower body makes up 48% of your muscle mass. Lets just say there are 4 major muscle groups (in the thighs): quads, hamstrings, gluteals, and adductors. And it is only given 16 sets?
    And your triceps and biceps are both small muscles with limited functions, yet you dedicate 9 sets of work to each of these?

    So, you're actually more than twice the work into a little muscle, the biceps, than you are a large, complex muscle, the hamstrings.

    What you're setting your self up for is muscular imbalances and an increased risk of injury in the future.

    I would strive for more balance in your routine. Equal pulling to pushing movements for the upper body. More work for the lower body. Less direct arm work.


  3. I agree for the most part aside from balance on pushing and pulling. I think most people would be better off doing 2:3 chest:back and 2:3 quad to hamstring/posterior chain. Most people have spent too much time doing the pressing and quad dominant exercises that you need to first get them strengthened in the back/posterior chain. I also don't think beginners (anyone with less than 2 years of consistent training with no breaks longer than a week) need more than 3-4 sets of arm work.

    He needs more deadlifts, RDLs, pullthroughs, hip extensions, pullups, rowing, facepulls, etc. I'd even say cut chest volume in half and work shoulders with it. I've yet to meet someone that can military press more than they can bench press. What I mean by this is, if you get stronger doing overhead movements, your bench will go up too.

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